LotRO is a game, but none-the-less a business, the dev's are paid employees of that business who get paid to develop the game within their specific area's, the minstrel as is, is practically perfect other than a much needed healing output boost to bring us back in line with the main healing class of the LotRO world.

In real life I am a computer technician, if a perfect world scenario occured and I fixed every computer in my charge so as it was perfect, never needing any attention at all, my services would be seen as surplus to requirement and I would quickly find myself looking for a new career. So we sell new computers, that need installing, updating, tweaking and perfecting, therefore generating work for ourselves.

So now we are entering Minstrel MKII, to all intent and purpose you might as well delete the class and create a new class, the changes are so radical that the Minstrel will no longer feel the same to play. and THAT is the intended purpose, new goals, new idea's, new bugs to be fixed, creases to iron, complaints to be dealt with, you sell a new idea to keep yourself viably and constantly employable. Flogging a dead horse gets you nowhere, bring in a new horse and flog to your hearts content.

See it as change for the better or worse as you will, the changes are coming, and they had to, Minstrel MKI was nearing the end of its development cycle and had little place to go. Orion does an amazing job with the Minstrel in this game, whilst I am not happy about the radical changes, I for one am pleased that it is HE who is heading up this new class, who better to perfect it.

Orion you do an amazing job, keep up the good work and congratulations to the both of you on the new addition to your family, make the most of your paternity leave take the time to enjoy the moments that can never be lived again.

Sincere Regards