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Thread: Which three....

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    Re: Which three....

    Do you guys ever watch that show "The First 48"? I do with a passion. I don't know why, but I get transfixed to the tv whenever there is a murder/mystery yet to be solved. I have a sense of morbid fascination concerning the inner workings within the minds of killers. I have yet to view a show on tv that can even come close to these 3 Slayer songs. They are only the messengers of reality. Disturbing as it is, please try to encapsulate yourself within the lyrics. Then you might have a small understanding of madness. Do not blame the messenger.



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    Re: Which three....

    Three of the reasons why I usually ignore in-game voice :P

    Hey, a bonus track!! this one is more relaxing for PVE... I need music more quiet to farm hobbits at HH. lol

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    Re: Which three....

    Killer ads, Lobato. I especially liked the one from 5 Finger Death Punch. They remind me a lot of Pantera. Good stuff. I'm going to switch it up a bit as I realized I have left out a significant amount of my favorite R&B toons. lol my ipod is crazy. I'll hear metal, hiphop, classical, R&B and blues all within 30 minutes. There is so much R&B that I love it will take a while to come up with a list of my favorites. I will start with a few songs off of the same album by Remy Shand. Good stuff.






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    Re: Which three....

    Shot some pool last night for a bit. There were 3 songs I played on the juke. Here they are. Hope you have a brew handy.




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    Re: Which three....

    Quote Originally Posted by jerejo1976 View Post
    Shot some pool last night for a bit. There were 3 songs I played on the juke.
    + rep for awesome music.

    My songs I've been listening to last week or so...

    Damien Rice~~Coconut Skins.

    Matthew And The Atlas~~Within The Rose.


    Billy Stewart~~~Summertime.


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    Re: Which three....




    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHObCE-bvW8 -had to put four, sorry 2:05-4:10 just kills me

    always, the harder you listen the more you hear
    volume up -> pay attention

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    Re: Which three....

    I havent pvp'ed in a while now and i dont usually post on the forums but im bored and i love sharing music so here it goes





    and this "new" group i recently discovered, you should check it out if you like that kind of music


    those are the song i usually listen to over and over no matter what im doing.
    So what?->Now what?

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    Re: Which three....

    Whoa! Cool adds, guys! I wish there was such an addition for each of my random posts here. Here is my next installment. Enjoy, maggots!




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    Re: Which three....

    Greetings, maggots! I wish to hear some blues. This guy is awesome, but he chose the worst possible time to release his albums. I'm talking about Robin Trower. If SRV was not hot at this time it would be a totally different story. Here's a few of my favorite picks. Enjoy, maggots!




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    Re: Which three....

    I don't know about you guys, but in my house we listened to some great music. My parents would always have some cool old #%^$ playing at night. Come to find out, most of this music was later used in some of my favorite films about the mafia. It wasn't until I grew up that I understood most of these tunes, and their significance. I will list some of my favorites, now. There are many more floating around in my head from my childhood, but I have no clue what the names of them are let alone who the artists would be. You'll never see them clowns on American Idol even scratch the surface on the talent it takes to sound like this.




    Here's the theme to The Godfather
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    Re: Which three....

    Opera. Yeah, I know, it sucks. After listening to some old #### I used to hear as a kid, I couldn't help but notice how opera played a huge part in the lives of myself and my siblings. My siblings and I had to endure this stuff as kids while our parents blasted this stuff on the stereo. There was a time when I wouldn't claim opera even if you tortured me. Now that I'm older, I see how opera is all around us in every way. We all live it, in a sense. Opera talks about some serious grown-up #### that we all must go through in order to become a man or a woman. Sometimes, it talks about darker things...

    Take this next installment, for example. This is "Vesti la Guibba" from Leoncavello's "Pagliacci". It talks about a clown who is a jealous husband. This guy takes it like a champ...at first. His wife is running around behind his back, and he is now a laughing-stock. He is juggling his moral values.(pun intended) Finally, he lets his primal side take over, and he does the unthinkable. I won't link the whole episode in it's entirety. I will only link the part which sounds the most heartbreaking. There is only one singer that can fully deliver this epic story. Luciano Pavarotti. Unfortunately, his masterful rendition is without a translation. I will link a random performer's rendition that happens to have a translation first, and you can view his performance before Luciano's. With all due respect, this random guy is awesome in his own right, but he aint no Luciano. I must be the only redneck in the whole state of NC that speaks Italian lmao.

    Here is the wiki for the backstory of this opera


    The man, Luciano. Kinda reminds me of Gimli from the movies lol...enjoy!

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    Re: Which three....

    Today was a good day, maggots! My girl wanted me to go to a dinner party at one of her girlfriend's houses. I told her I would only go if she agreed to see Prometheus in 3d with me. She hates those types of flicks, but she grudgingly obliged. Man, Prometheus is the best movie I have seen since Saving Private Ryan. I prolly scared her 5 times times during the movie by grabbing her thighs or arms at the perfect moment of suspense in the film lmao. She knew I liked it, because she told me I never once tried to fool around during the movie lol. Anyways, after the film we went to the lame party. Man, there were no dudes worth talking to. Nobody had a favorite NFL team. Nobody even had an interest in the awesome movie I had just seen. Buncha panzy, nancy-boys with pasty faces. There was more talk of different types of Merlot wine than anything else. Lame. At least the food was good. At least the wine was flowing. Her friend, who was hosting the party, was pretty cool. She can cook her ### off.

    About halfway through the lameness is when I heard it. She put in a cd from a group called The Buena Vista Social Club. I was mesmerized from the instant the music started to play. I was pretty much in a wine-induced state of wonder. I was transfixed on the new music I was hearing. I played along when ppl talked to me, but I was in another place. After the party she even let me borrow the cd so that I could burn it. I get the same feeling from hearing cool, new music as I do from dating a new woman. I can't really describe it any better than that. Either way, I had just seen one of the best movies in my life and I got to hear some of the best music I had ever heard in the same day! Life is good, maggots! Here are some of the best tunes from that cd. Enjoy!







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    Re: Which three....

    Want to get some tonite, maggot? Play these three tunes, or any other from this group, for that matter, and you can. These tunes, combined with your rhythm and confidence, will allow you to get any chick you want. As long as you're a half-decent looking guy, these tunes will transcend any and all language barriers. White, black, asian, hispanic, purple...it don't matter. It's all up to you to #### it up.

    Although I haven't had to use these in quite some time, they have never steered me wrong. I can attest to at least one kid being born as a result of these songs that wouldn't otherwise be in existence lmao. She was totally out of my league, but with the help of these guys there is a mini Flesh roaming about. These songs still work. I can guarantee that they will melt panties and turn them into honey. I have confidence that Turbine will not delete this post, because they could possibly be shutting out a potential customer that has yet to be born. How cool would it be to show your future kid this post as an inspiration to his/her conception? There have been countless millions of kids with even more lame inspirational conceptions. I am only a messenger. Enjoy, maggots!




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    Re: Which three....

    Greetings, maggots! These next three instalments are my vision of the most beautiful girls in the world. The first two are self-explanatory. What man wouldn't want these two girls? The disturbances in the air created by their subtle movements triggers the furnaces within me. It seems I can sense their heat from across an ocean. Why is it that the actions and movements from men seem to breed death and destruction while the actions and movements from women tend to breed new life and happiness? I guess we will never know. My third pick will confuse and addle others. It just goes to show that a tool like me can think of a woman that is intellegent, confident, dignified, talented and worldly as sexy. All three of my picks fall under this category, now that I think about it. I really don't have an explanation as to why I think of this 3rd woman as a sex symbol. Political views aside, I picked a clip that best portrays each woman in her best light. Enjoy!




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    Re: Which three....

    Whoa! Estrogen levels are at an all-time high. My bad. Allow me to set the balance straight. Here are some of my favorite tunes from a killer band back in the day. Welcome to the jungle, maggots!




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    Re: Which three....

    Quote Originally Posted by Scuppers View Post

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHObCE-bvW8 -had to put four, sorry 2:05-4:10 just kills me
    That part gets me too
    Commander Ulaith, CWH.

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    Re: Which three....

    Screeching Weasel are the originators of pop punk, the put out a split 7" with heavy political band Born Against in the 90's where they did one of each others songs on it. Here is El Mozote about a US sponsored massacre in El Salvador, done in Screeching Weasel's poppy style:


    Some friends of mine, they're a fairly well known Oi! band:


    And some classic GBH because.....well why the f**k not:


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    Re: Which three....

    "Which Three's Greatest Hits"! Here are my favorite picks from those other than myself who had the guts to post here. I just might add 3 of my personal favorites from picks I had posted myself. Enjoy, maggots!

    Previous posts




    My favorite personals




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    Re: Which three....

    More tokin! If you don't like older metal then don't click here. I was that punk skater kid, once. I had my Airwalk shoes and Vision Street Wear t-shirts. Every now and then I had on a pair of Jamz. I was too heavy for my boards at 16 (6' 185 lbs) I broke so many trucks I finally gave it up lmao! Suck it, noobz!


    This guy cracks me up. He's so serious.

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    Re: Which three....

    Quote Originally Posted by jerejo1976 View Post
    More tokin! If you don't like older metal then don't click here. I was that punk skater kid, once. I had my Airwalk shoes and Vision Street Wear t-shirts. Every now and then I had on a pair of Jamz. I was too heavy for my boards at 16 (6' 185 lbs) I broke so many trucks I finally gave it up lmao! Suck it, noobz!


    This guy cracks me up. He's so serious.

    haha. love me some slayer. and i still wear airwalks. had to stop jumping in the pits at their shows though a few years back. back goes out for week now instead of a day or two. and like fine wine they improved over the years. my fave album by them...


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    Re: Which three....

    vudu has a scar on his forehead from a wound made by a guy's tooth in a slayer pit

    so hot

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    Re: Which three....

    My main soundtrack when PvPing contains Slipknot, Tool and some other various tunes, but these are my favorite:




    [CENTER]Sychosocial R10 Reaver/Morbidi R11 Champion[/CENTER]

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    Re: Which three....

    Greetings, maggots! I feel an evil soul stirring in the depths of moors hell. This unholy progeny has been clawing it's way upward though the endless abyss that is the mass freep grave at upper bogs. The oceans of freep blood and tears spilled there has triggered an awakening. This abcess in the earth is a womb of chaos and will forever be a site of worship by all those who serve the eye. There is a storm brewing on the horizon. The sky is turning red...





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    Re: Which three....

    Perspective. Most folks can't see beyond their own footfalls let alone another's. This band has always been cast in the light of others who wish to pass judgement. They shrugged it off and moved forward. That is what is so great about America. No other country in the world can say they have freedom of speech and truely back it up. This instalment is an extension of my rights as an American citizen. Don't like it? Don't click on it. Your faith is in question. No other metal bands even come close.





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