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Thread: Which three....

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    Rather than extend upon my previous post, I elected to post this tune solo. All those who this pertains to can suck it. You will forever be considered a speedbump. You will never have meaningful control of my life. I get a chuckle when the hardest punk half my age can not look me in the eye. I chuckle harder when that same punk can not speak to me like a man. I'm bone brain and &&&&. Fact is I'm Stronger Than All.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ss-SUz3163U
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    Need a "Get out of jail free" card? If you're like me then you could use a few. Here's mine whenever I fk up and need one. Seems like I'm always playing one of these to cover up my stupidity. It's all worth it, though. Chicks can be so gullable, sometimes. Just put on a winning smile. It can sway a DA.




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    I love the smell of critters sizzling on my fire. I love the smoke and fat which bathes me in an inferno. My only wish in life is to die at the hands of a huge beast which, in turn, puts me on it's grill. I want my smoke and fat to engulf my destroyer. It will be the best meal it has ever had. It will tell it's offspring how succulent and satisfactory my carcass was. There will be cave paintings depicting how awesome of a meal I was. They will pass down my bones to their children. A thousand years will pass and there will still be parts of me which are fought over by my slayer's descendants. There will not be enough of me to pass around. They will symbolically ingest me in order to gain my power. I will forever be idolized on a cheap computer chair. Welcome to Catholisism, maggots! Here's a few songs to grill to. It kinda makes you step back and look at things in a different light. Funny how we get all philisophical over a flaming carcass.




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    Quote Originally Posted by Asreka View Post

    30 Seconds To Mars
    Hurricane - This is the censored version
    Great song
    One of those ones I can't ever skip when it comes up, no matter what mood i'm in
    I would not have once considered jared leto sexy before I heard his music.. but the things he does with his voice oh my
    I've been hooked for years and it just keeps getting sexier

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    I am so glad that I live in the south. Every night I get a free concert. Especially after it rains. Here's to all them critters out there playing a song just for me when I put one of your buddies on my grill. Your friend would not taste the same without you. Here are a few tunes we humans devised to sound like you. It is nowhere near the same, but it is a start. The sound of night is gospel to me. These are best played at night.




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    Neighbors just got back from the islands. They went there on vacation to see their pops. They brought me back the customary jerk spice. Only I can grill like their grandparents did. The pops was deported about a year ago. His ol lady wears less and less each time she knocks on my door. She only comes when my ol lady's car aint in the driveway. I want to stick it so bad. Kinda hard when his cousins are everywhere in my town. They would totally shoot my cracker &&&. My ol lady would provide the ammo. One of these days I'm gonna stick it. She's too fine to worry about a mariage. I wanna make a half-cracker kid who speaks in the island accent. That kid would learn to grill from me by these tunes...









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    Here's 2 moors tunes to get your groove going

    Freepin in the Moors by Avielle of Brandywine

    Im in the moors: creep version
    Landy, Brandy, & Riddermark [URL="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?412044-Riddermarks-cast-of-characters&highlight="]Riddermark's finest[/URL] and [URL="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?416597-Riddermark-Satire&highlight="]Riddermark satire [/URL]

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    Talking How about some Country?

    Because country is the best...

    I figured these country songs fit LOTRO pretty good.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkjedhzKHwk -Creepin by Eric Church

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_0aKnlFxlg -Musta Had a Good Time by Parmalee. I always think of this song right after a good ole Aza raid.

    And of course, this next one brings the LOTRO forums, GLFF, and moors to mind. Every. Single. Time.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE6iAjEv9dQ -Online by Brad Paisley
    Igluk ~ Warg
    Nadhuil ~ 85 Hunter
    Dollas ~ 85 Rune-Keeper

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    Surf Hoardale! (Locals only):


    Class tune from an old Dutch band:


    Well did you?:

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    This thread has been continually inspiring me to delve back into the music of my youth. Here's some things that have graced my ears lately.

    Something dirty which completely does not fit at all with the next two selections making my taste and youth look as bizarre as it was.

    A little jungle boogie. Discovered a lot of old mixes are still online and tracked this one down on youtube, since it's one of the few I could actually name. I'm amazed the sites still even still exist in the same format they did so many years ago.

    I remember hearing this live at the Warfield (I think) back in the early 90s. Serious eargasm.


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    How bout some newer stuff for you ancients

    A magical composition by Pendulum who are in hiatus and In Flames who probably won't be around too much longer :P

    R.I.P. another amazing band

    I get to see these guys in November though


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    Quote Originally Posted by PolarBear View Post
    How bout some newer stuff for you ancients ]
    Damn kids and their devil music. Get off my lawn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PolarBear View Post
    How bout some newer stuff for you ancients
    Dude, I'm not ancient like in my 40's or anything, I'm 37. :P Thing is I know about Pendulum (had them on my ipod at one point) and other electronic acts, I even like mindless DnB when lifting weights, it just doesn't move me otherwise. Punk has never died, just went back underground where it belongs.

    New (good) Punk:



    and just cause I've been operating from "back East" instead of So Cal for so long now:


    [edit] whoa I never listened to that new pendulum stuff, c*ck rock metal power chords don't make you rebellious, but what do I know. Music is subjective. I thought their old stuff was more rebel like:

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    A pleasant surprise. I was in the kitchen standing at the counter watching some tv and rubbin some love into tomorrow night's meal. I got a tv/dvd combo flat screen 17' tv in my kitchen. All those who make good jerk chicken know that you have to get down and dirty and rub the jerk spice into each and every piece of meat that is destined to end up on your grill by hand. I always buy a ten pound sack of leg quarters for jerk heaven. This means a lot of rubbin. I turned on the tv well before I started. It was on a local news channel. After about 2 minutes I couldn't bear it any longer. I needed to change the channel. I can't stand the constant talks about the upcoming election. While my hands were covered with chicken and jerk juice I decided to use my huge, bony elbow to change the channel. The remote was is in the perfect spot for it's signal to relay to the tv and do whatever if someone where to mash a few buttons. Little did I know what was in store for me.

    A few weeks ago I had put in my copy of Kill Bill vol. 2 into the tv/dvd player in order to pass the time while I cooked a killer batch of spaghetti. I totally forgot that it was still in the kitchen tv for weeks. Not only did I fatfinger. I fatelbowed into something great. I never watch the special features of any movie. I figured if the movie is good enough to buy, who needs all that extra &&&&? I was wrong. After a few seconds of my smashing my elbow down on the remote while carcass juice was running down my arm, this magically appeared on my screen. At first the vibe of the music made me want to strut around and punch every dude I came across in the face. After rubbin some dead chicken, it just became a killer set of tunes to take money away from my buddies. I will play these tomorrow night as I host the monthly poker game, again. The second link is filler as we need 3 songs to post here, in general. Tarantino movies are the best. Don't worry if you can't speak spanish. All you need is a soul. Music transcends language. It helps, though, if you are drinking. Enjoy, maggots!



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    Quote Originally Posted by ContraMundum View Post

    [edit] whoa I never listened to that new pendulum stuff
    I don't really listen to them, but I think they were trying to experiment with different sounds on their last album, featured a few different artists. Don't think they were trying to be rebellious, bands can change their sound a lot as time goes by. (ex. In Flames)

    Either way, metal ftw

    two of my most listened to metal bands, both Canadian

    Seeing these guys in November also with Black Label Society

    And saw this one in April with Kittie hahah - she has a scream that would make most dudes jealous


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    Hey. All that new death metal sounds pretty cool. Sounds too cool if you ask me. I make it a habit not to purchase too much music which can not be duplicated live. New death metal falls into this category. The stuff is total craaap live. That's the problem with us ancient fkrs. We remember a time when skill and timing was important in music. "Call me a relic, call me what you will. Say I'm old fasioned, say I'm over the hill. Today's music aint got the same soul. I like that old time-a-rock and roll."

    Here's a few tunes I remember distinctly. I was getting ready for school and doing my hair in the bathroom when it hit me. Only a chick spends more than one minute on hair. I grabbed the wahl clippers from under the bathroom sink and shaved my head. My hair used to hang down to my a$$. They used to call me Conan, like in the movie. I went to school that day and never looked back. Fk you, Jenny Phillips for breaking up with me because you weren't dating my hair anymore. Good thing my hair matched my profession for the next 14 years. All dudes who have big hair after their teens are not dudes. You're a bunch of chicks. I shaved my head to these old metal tunes back in the day. I haven't heard them all in the exact order till this day. Maybe I can inspire a few of you to lose hair on your heads and gain it elsewere. Serve your country. It'll be the best adventure of your lives. Some of you will not make it back. Upon your return, nobody will ever have power over you. You'll smile knowing you've dealt with the hardest mfkrs on earth.




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    Quote Originally Posted by PolarBear View Post
    I don't really listen to them, but I think they were trying to experiment with different sounds on their last album, featured a few different artists. Don't think they were trying to be rebellious, bands can change their sound a lot as time goes by. (ex. In Flames)
    Yeah I listened to more of the new tracks from the link. But man experimenting is one thing, that's like a complete 180. That "Hold Your Colours" album was huge when it came out. For a couple years you couldn't go to any club on any continent without hearing a few tracks from it. They made millions, rare for an electronica act. I just don't get it.

    That said, they're Australian, and using just this video game server as a control group for humanity, we have Gangly and Lemmy. So yeah the only scientific conclusion is Aussies are nuts and who knows what they're up to down there.
    Punk's dead, you're next!

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    If I lived several more decades it might give you the right to call me ancient. Even now in my prime I embrace the sounds of my anscestors. Here's a few tunes from some ancients who could heap tons of talent upon today's musicians. Their complexities and nuances are unmatched. Today's musicians know jack. Most of them play and I feel absolutely nothing. Whenever I hear these tunes my soul feels like it has eaten a full meal. Today's music is mostly filler junkfood. Music from the oldworld is grandma's best cooking on Thanksgiving. Won't be long when people refer to grandma's cooking as kraft macncheese with some stouffer's lasagne. Today's music is a few &&&&ttty burgers from a fastfood dollar menu. Zero nutritional value. I can only hope I can still play anything resembling music like this by the time I reach these guys' age.



    oldworld blood nestled inside the body of a hottie

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    That's true, they did change it a lot, and I read that they were going to go for a more fast-punk, slow-dubstep type sound on their new album before Hiatus. Dubstep... ./sigh

    It's usually because of the vocals that this kinda metal doesn't sound the same live. I've seen Protest the Hero before, and it's impossible for Rody to hit a high like he does in most of their recordings. That's the direction modern metal has taken though, a lot of the melodic stuff has become really produced (ex again, In Flames lol)

    Alexisonfire give a sweet live show though, seen em twice. Too bad their farewell tour is skipping my city. 2 shows in Montreal, 4 in Toronto, two or three in London, one in Edmonton, one Calgary, one in like Australia and South America? NO VANCOUVER

    Looks like ancients hit a nerve go drink a pepsi and feel young again! Heck you might even like that gangster rap

    Edit: Lmfao Doc that is the funniest vid
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scuppers View Post
    Great song
    One of those ones I can't ever skip when it comes up, no matter what mood i'm in
    I would not have once considered jared leto sexy before I heard his music.. but the things he does with his voice oh my
    I've been hooked for years and it just keeps getting sexier
    Totally agree, a lot of us feel that way about Jared. I did like him in Life Goes On but at my age he seems too "boyish". And then I saw the video to Hurricane and wow. That's when I really started listening to his voice and was wow'd even more. Mhmmmm!

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    I can't stop

    Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe


    Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris


    Friday - Rebecca Black


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    Artifacts in Motion - Call me Maybe


    Justin Bieber ft. Slipknot - Psychosocial Baby


    Death Metal Friday




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