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Thread: Which three....

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    Re: Which three....

    Greetings, maggots! I am saddened by the rumors of the fraid leader's departure. I really wanted to test his skills upon my arrival. Adino, this song is for you and you alone. From one warrior to another, I bid thee farewell...(this is another waltz btw)


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    Re: Which three....

    This is your captain speaking...

    Greetings, maggots! After showing my respects for the dead, I have begun listening to some soft and slow tunes. Here are 3 more "oldie but goodie" tunes I have kickin' 'round in my head atm. I hope you enjoy them, maggots!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vbg7YoXiKn0\ (forgive the white kids who have no rythym)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v-GGaPehGM (another waltz)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd1-HM234DE (...hmmm...yet another waltz...)
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    Re: Which three....

    "What's with all the Slayer?"(a question a lot are asking) Hip Hop would not be the same if it were not for Slayer.

    Ha! Yall just don't know. Reality and Slayer go hand-in-hand. Hip Hop, a vocal rendition of reality, wouldn't be as popular today with white people(who make up a large portion of sales to Hip Hop artists) if it were not for the legendary producer, Rick Rubin. He had a vision for reality back then. Slayer was and is a conduit into reality for the time. It just so happens that The Beasty Boys had the same producer as Slayer did back when Rap music was at the mercy of white people's interests in order to survive(by survive I mean to make sales and grow). I know he is out of his element in the video, but Kerry King of Slayer truely thrashed at these moments.(all lead guitar solos are played by Kerry King of Slayer in the next 2 songs) The last song is Rick Rubin's latest hit in the Hip Hop category in my opinion.(Rick Rubin also produced a country and metal band in the 2000's. I will talk about these later.)



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    Re: Which three....

    Greetings, maggots! I know I sorta hijacked this thread. I use this thread as others would a blog. I want to thank all who have contributed to this thread. You made my job a little easier. Thanks again to those who have contacted me with requests and intellectual debates on music. It is my goal to eventually have just about every type of music known to man to be readily accessable throughout the course of this thread. I do, however, put my personal spin on things, and run all songs through the filter that is my soul. I do tend to play more of my music than anything else, but I am only human. Sue me.

    I was going to post some songs my girl was playing earlier, but decided to go ahead with what is next on the menu...Gypsy music! I don't know a lot about the people that live from England to Russia, and all the way down to Spain, but one thing I can say is...these guys know how to jam! Forgive me if these additions do not speak for the entire nation of gypsies. No lyrics or translations have been attempted by me. Just music. I hope you enjoy them!




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    Re: Which three....

    HAHA, maggots! Time for a double-play! I've been slackin' in my duties of bringing you global music. Here is my next contribution to the thread. This is Greek music. I have no clue what they are saying, but this is my girl's favorites of the genre. She always plays these when she cooks for me. She says this is what her dad liked. I hope this speaks for most greeks. I really do like your type of food. Enjoy, maggots!




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    Re: Which three....

    Who here remembers the "triple thrash threat"?. +rep to any who can indulge me. This is my 3rd instalment of tunes for the night. Yes, there is Slayer involved. Do you have diplomatic immunity? I think not. These are some spins from some old classic rock tunes I think you will enjoy. I know I do! Slayer, Maggots!



    This next Slayer song is a bit extreme. It talks about The Holocaust. It talks, in depth, about the practices of a certain doctor named Josef Mengele. This guy was pure scum. Chances are your government paid this guy for his data and turned a blind eye upon his "escape" from Nazi Germany in the 1940's. There are some idiotic white supremists who think this song is their anthem. Slayer meant for this song to be a documentary of a sort. If you follow the lyrics closely, you can tell they do not condone these practices. They are merely the messengers of reality. Enjoy this true shredding tune from 1984, maggots! No other song in the history of metal has even come close to topping it in nearly three decades. I wish the Jewish people get their final revenge.


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    Re: Which three....

    Greetings, maggots! Now it is time for the next installment of global music! What's on the menu tonite? Just some curry goat with 2 sides of red beans and rice, and some cabbage. That's right, maggots! Reggae is what the doctor ordered. Allow me to introduce myself...



    What? You were expecting some Bob Marley? Fk BM! Haha nah for real BM is ok he's just so accepted by whitey that it makes me sick to hear white folk play him. I'm sorry, but BM has only one song that transcends the acceptance of whitey.(I am white btw so it's not racist) There are a ton more better reggae songs than this. White folk just aint got around to posting it yet. Enjoy, maggots!


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    Re: Which three....

    Greetings, maggots! Get your "silk ties" and "little black dresses" ready, because we're going to the theatre! Here are some of my picks if we were in a high brow setting. If only I could have the cash to hire a group of musicians like this to follow me around...Enjoy, maggots!




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    Re: Which three....

    After searching for more Vivaldi played by that same hot chick from the post above, I just had to crack up. I was totally diggin' on how hot she was and how awesome she is when I happened to notice the dude behind her staring at her a$$ and making some funny faces. At first I thought she must not be wearing any underwear, but that guy made those faces throughout the whole performance lmao. I hope you get a few chuckles like me, and hear some good music at the same time. Carry on, maggots!


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    Re: Which three....

    Tonite was omelet night! I made the 1st one perfect. I was making my own when I totally jacked it up. I thought I was a pro and messed up flipping the omelet with a pan-flick rather than using my spachela. The runny-side-down landed on the burner with a "splat", and I was laughed at. I rescued the mess from the stove-top and still managed to salvage the mangled wreck from the burner. I had a sorta crunchy omelet with bits of whatever dropped on the stove-top from a few nights ago. It was lame. I had a pile of pepper-jack cheese waiting on the side to be added to my omelet. I was enduring torrents of laughter from my girl while she was chowing down when a pang of genius suddenly struck me. Lame...cheese...lame and cheesy. It suddenly occured to me what my next installment of tunes will be. The 80's, maggots! Only those who were a kid in the 80's would appreciate this. The first video is from one of my all-time favorite movies. The rest are just the most cheesy songs I can think of. Enjoy, maggots!




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    Re: Which three....

    In defense of the 80's, not all music that came from it was a huge, steaming pile. These are the quickest songs that came to mind to redeem the era. These are solely from my point of view. I hope you enjoy them, maggots!




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    Re: Which three....

    Speaking of the 80's, this is the time my love affair with video games began. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the old music from these games. Here are a few of the tunes that forever imprinted themselves on my soul. I hope this brings back some fond memories for you, maggots! The first one is the first game tune I ever learned how to play on the guitar.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrjD6p2tmlg / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4k0j2c9jm0 (not me, just an example)


    And the grandaddy of em' all...

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    Re: Which three....

    Balance is needed on this thread, again. In order to counter the cheesyness of the 80's I am forced to bring you more Slayer. This goes well with my upcoming arrival along with the new update. I fear the souls that have been trapped in that mass grave at upper norbogs plan to revolt. Here is their anthem.


    Here is a song from the latest good album that I liked. Unfortunately, you will have to pay attention as there are no lyrics available atm.

    This song is my namesake

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    Re: Which three....

    I really love old-school hiphop. I love metal even more. My hackles rise at the sound of old hiphop played in a band setting. Here are a few tunes that were originally hiphop, but then redone by a band. This is from the album "Take a bite outta Rhyme" I hope you enjoy them, maggots!




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    Re: Which three....

    I'm an OG. I've been around the block a few times. This is a tribute to all those who have been around the block a few times. Check yoself, maggots!

    ***NOT FOR KIDS***




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    Re: Which three....

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    Re: Which three....

    "The Dungeon Family". What gamer in the age of MMO's wouldn't like any crew who called themselves this? Outkast has been doing this for years, maggots! Take a few steps with me along the shady streets of ATL. These are the most beautiful, fkd up streets in the world. So sit down, hold your wallets, and let the MARTA take you to College Park/East Point. Aint no thang...




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    Re: Which three....

    As I sit here DL'ing the game, I have come to the realization that I have excluded one of my favorite bands from this thread. Metallica is like Slayer in the fact that there is a LOT of content to sift through. Allow me to start off with my favorites upon having first heard of this band by my own means. These are not your radio station's picks. This is from the first cassette I ever had enough $ to buy on my own. My brothers ended up borrowing (ganking) this tape from me. (To never see again) They got their payback from me always ninja'ing their tapes. I had a good run, too, considering they never suspected a little kid like me to jack all their good tapes lmao! I can still smell the scent of the ink and paper they used to make this album when I cracked the seal. I walked to the mall as a 12 year old kid to buy this tape at the local Camelot Music store lol. You will enjoy them, maggots!




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    Re: Which three....

    Ha! Metallica is one of the guiding forces that got me through my youth. I will never forget how I got goosebumps from my first time hearing them. Yes, I ganked this album from one of my brothers. Did I get a beatdown from him? Hell yes, and it was worth it. Here's my 3 picks from the album titled "Kill em' All". Not many folks know that Dave Mustaine from Megadeth was the lead guitarist on this album. He had to be one crazy bastage for Metallica to kick him out of the band. Enjoy, maggots!




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    Re: Which three....

    Greetings, maggots! I am a creature of habit, and bound by the laws of chronology. Here's my 3 picks from Metallica's album "Ride The Lightning". God, I feel like a kid again by listening to these. Enjoy, maggots!




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    Re: Which three....

    Greetings, maggots! Here's my 3 picks from Metallica's album "Master of Puppets". Look up into the winter sky at night and tell me of your favorite constellation.(Hint: It's the last song)




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    Re: Which three....

    I skipped "Justice", because I already gave my 3. Here is 3 picks from the black album that I liked the best. Enjoy, maggots!




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    Re: Which three....

    The Gael by Dougie MacLean classic.

    Numb/Encore/HBFS by Linkin Park ft. JZ and Daft Punk. => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTD92Ez-EXQ

    Anything by Guns n' Roses.
    Your friendly neighborhood Riddermark spear n00b, Tinuthel Acharthang.
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    Re: Which three....

    Skillet - Monster


    Radiohead - Creep

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    Re: Which three....

    Quote Originally Posted by astalyn View Post
    Skillet - Monster

    +rep to the Skillet song, I've always liked them. Saw them in concert at Winter Jam 2012 and they were awesome.....not that anyone cares. lol
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