Given the popularity of the 'show us your favourite cosmetic outfit' thread on the gendiscussion forum, I'm guessing there's more than a few of us who like to (attempt to) look good in game. So - Second Breakfast will be hosting and organising a fashion show and contest over the weekend of Sat/Sun 10/11th of September. The final date and time (which will be Euro AND US-friendly) is yet to be decided upon, but I wanted to give you all plenty of time to start thinking about outfits etc. It will involve catwalk ...erm... walking - so you'll need to be physically (virtually?) present to take part. Open to everyone from lvl 6 - 65

There are likely to be 3 main categories for entries - casual, formal and adventuring - and everyone will be welcome to enter as many or as few categories as they wish. There may well be additional categories for prizes (which will be small and humble, since I am but an impecunious hobbit), but those are likely to be the main ones. The one thing to be aware of is that each outfit needs to be meticulously documented - where did you get each piece, what colour did you dye it, is it heavy/med/light armour etc., so make notes when putting your outfits together.

Watch this space for more info about how to enter. Sponsors welcome (want to promote your kin? Sponsor a prize category today! lol). Please fee free to mail me in game if you have any questions (Daisygold, Liligold, Buttergold, Oakengold are me).

Judging will be entirely subjective, but the judging panel will be drawn from LOTRO fashionistas from several servers plus maybe a random dwarf or 2... gotta have a bit of balance! The event will follow the usual Second Breakfast routine - turn up, dance a bit, drink loads, and eat pie, lie back and enjoy the fireworks

Hope to see you there, once we work out exactly when!