Just wanted to announce that Seeds and Stems will reach Rank 10 on Monday, Sept 5. We will be doing a walk through several of the towns in Middle Earth. If you see us, please say hi and hope you'll wish us a Happy Rank 10 Day. We are one of the oldest kinships on Crickhollow and have alliances with several of you. If you see us and would like to join our kinship, just send a tell to a member and we'd love to have you. We are RP friendly, we help
one another always, and accept all classes and races. We are casual, but love raids/instances/skirmishes and questing.

Again, Seeds and Stems announces it reaches Rank 10 on Sept 5! This is quite a milestone and we're very proud to reach it. If you'd like to join in our walk, just send a tell when you see us. If you want to join our kinship, check out our webpage and apply http://seedsandstems.guildlaunch.com.

Wish you all well in your Middle-Earth adventures. Be successful and be safe!

With warm regards,

Leader of Seeds and Stems