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    Cool Unfinished Business comes to a close

    A short note to announce that old-time kinship Unfinished Business has decided to disband, strewing its former members to the four winds rustling through the branches of the golden tree.

    A big thank-you to all and any that knew us, to those that joined us either in passing or until the end. I won't name many names, but I'm sure all former and current members will join me in thanking Voedro and Ummandil for founding and nurturing UB since the opening week of this game, and to all the officers and members over the years.

    I personally have some fantastic memories of the kinship's antics. Always based on having fun and helping each other, we were never a hardcore group of players, but there were always fabulous moments of triumph in the raids and instances, all grinds were made easier, all mechanics and tricks and skills were made interesting and enjoyable, by playing them with you guys and gals.

    I believe most of us will still be around and looking to the horizon for new adventures, but for us all it is a solemn moment to see our institution come to the end of its natural life.

    Cardemel of Mirkwood - a Hunter with Cír Amdir
    Capkatt Stinkspit - a Warleader fetching sticks
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    Re: Unfinished Business comes to a close

    Did you have to disband because you found that you had accidentally finished your business?

    Humor aside, I know a kin that almost disbanded because summer came. And everyone stopped logging in!

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck. It is never nice to see a group of friends break up for any reason. Even the hobbits had to go back home.

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    Re: Unfinished Business comes to a close

    I have some fantastic memories from the last few years, so a big thank you to all members and to Umma for leading us through!

    Good luck to everyone, I hope our adventures lead our paths to cross again.

    WeRock Alliance

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    I guess I found out what happened. Sad Sad Sad. Anyone still around as in joined other guilds?



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