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    Question LI with same Legacy twice?

    So, lets say I have a LI with a legacy that I really like (call it "A"), and at the lvl 30 decon, I get it off as a legacy scroll.

    Then I find a LI with that same legacy "A" on it. Now, this new LI has a legacy on it that I do not really like "B". Can I take my legacy scroll "A" and replace "B" on the new LI? This would give me a LI with two "A" legacies on it.

    Has any one tried this? Is it allowed? If so, do the bonuses stack?

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    Re: LI with same Legacy twice?

    You can only have one of each legacy on your weapon. So you can't have two of your favorite ("A") on there.
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    Re: LI with same Legacy twice?

    That would lead to... complications... (especially when considering the legacies that reduce the cooldown of powerful skills).
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    Re: LI with same Legacy twice?

    You can only have legacy A once. And if the legacy is tier 1 you cant overwrite it with a legacy scroll of A to make it tier 2, as it is prevented by the system. Simply put, no.

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    Re: LI with same Legacy twice?

    A lot of us have tried especially with stat legacies. It does not work. You can only have one of each legacy on an item.

    You can not try to apply it. When you use the scroll, you get a selection window with a list of legendary items that the scroll can be applied to. Every item that already has that legacy is not available as potential target. On bad days, I've pulled a legacy. I go to use the scroll and I get "No valid targets" because I "Pulled Another Yula". Did something dumb.
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    Re: LI with same Legacy twice?

    Don't mess with your legendaries when you're tired, at least if you're anything like me. For some reason, still unknown, I slotted a bunch of nice relics into a trash weapon I was levelling up.

    Needless to say, the Turbine store got a bit of business the next day. When I start yawning, it's usually a good time to log out or do something brainless.

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    Re: LI with same Legacy twice?

    Thanks to all for the info. This is really a knowledgeable group.

    Oh well about not allowing the "stacking" of legacies, but I guess I understand the complexities it might add.



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