Partially inspired by this thread: and it's predicessors, I have decided to chronicle the travels. I will be adhering to most of the Total Immersion rules described there: resting in an inn or similar during night cycles, walking instead of running, and the like. If you want to read all of them, go check out the Total Immersion thread (seriously, this is a cheap knock off, go checm out the original).

So, who will be our daring hero as we traverse the lands of Middle Earth?

Ah. Yes. This is Handron. He's old, though not over the hill. He's not exactly the kindest soul, and all things said, he probably would rather just go home.

Then why is he traversing Middle Earth? Various reasons outside of his control, and mostly because Illuvitar has one weird sense of humour.

The adventures will begin soon, so keep checking back.

And go check out the Total Immersion thread by Brucha.