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    Neuror Celebrimboro, a kinship with six fingers on our left hand

    <Neuror Celebrimboro> is a rank 9 kinship for players age 18+ who have a sense of humor and a laid-back playstyle. If you want a kin to feel like a family, we volunteer to be your weird drunken uncle.

    We are currently accepting deviants, alts, twinks, loose women, dwarves, refugees, lepers, dwarves, amputees, dwarves, mules, rune-keepers, preachers, under-dressed dwarves, drunks, horse thieves, Canadians, Canadian dwarves, people who chew with their mouths open, people who chew on their own tongue, people who chew on their friends' tongues, dwarves who chew on their friends' tongues (think about that - some dwarf hanging off of someone's face, just masticating away...), and pretty much everyone else.

    No politicians, though. We have standards.

    We're a small social kin, just starting to recruit and grow. We run "Book Night" once a week, to help each other run instances and other group activities. We have a kin house, and you won't be asked to pay dues. Or move funiture. Our focus is on leveling, with an eye towards finding a solid group of friends to quest with in Isengard and beyond.

    For more information, send Simera or Atva a tell.

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    Re: Neuror Celebrimboro, a kinship with six fingers on our left hand

    Sounds like someone likes dwarves! Unfortunately, I don't have any expansions yet...

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    Re: Neuror Celebrimboro, a kinship with six fingers on our left hand

    Quote Originally Posted by PloCoon View Post
    Sounds like someone likes dwarves!
    No worries PloCoon, she had to include all of this because of me. The description fit's me, so if she wouldn't have put that in there I would be ... out. For the record - not the tongue part. No tongues involved as far as I'm concerned. Must be someone else.

    Mhhh ... I've never told her about my political background - so psssht, let's keep that under the hush-hush.

    I just learned a new word! Masticating - that sounds nasty

    Don't get confused about my signature. It's a decoy.

    Edit: Well I changed my character for the sig - so it's no longer a decoy.
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