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    So....I am leveling my first new alt (currently level 41---a burglar) in a couple of years. I know there have been some changes to page drops for legendary traits.
    It used to be that the first four pages dropped in certain locations, and the bottom four in different ones. Is this still true? And if so, which locations? I gather it is still also correct that the pages only drop from "humanoid" mobs and goblins....is this also still correct?

    edit: Ooops...i posted this in the wrong forum...My apologies. Anyone know how to delete it?
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    Re: Pages

    Ok now don't tell ANYBODY this little secret...

    Just grind Bitter Stair in Misty Mountains (the corcur) and Ram Duath in Angmar (the orcs and hillmen where you have to destroy the siege engines) for a few hours. Should give you all the pages. Did it in an alt last week took me 5 hours in total, and BS also drops a nice amount of elvish relics and signets of rhudaur for the rivendell rep.

    Happy hunting.

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    wrong forum or not.. I concur. bitter stair is perfect as well for the enmity of the hillmen, so if man you would take 2 birds out with 1 stone. Its still 2 different zones for them but no longer specific mobs

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    frankly dont worry about it as both groups drop in moria and you will kill so much in moria you cant not get all your pages. That said if you are in a hurry bitter stair and fort in the middle of angmar are the way to go. Just realize that you will easily get your pages without much effort.
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