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    Asiech Dully's Medieval .abc Collection for Soloists

    I posted this on the Landroval server forums but am posting it here for others to use as well:

    Hey there,

    So I'm trying to get all the .abcs that I've converted over my time here up and online for others to use. First one is my medieval solos, because frankly there's too many pop songs in LOTRO for my tastes! Haha. Some of these are not perfect and I did not make the MIDIs. All credit for that goes to the sites I found them (which I wish I remembered but this was awhile ago...)

    So far I am about 1/3 of the way through the collection and I'll try post updates in this thread (I don't visit this forum as much as I should). I tried to play every song on every instrument and provide a guide as to which sound alright with each particular song, as well as including a brief overview of what each song is like so you can pick and choose what you'd like to try out in game.

    Feel free to leave me feedback here or in the thread itself.


    Unfortunately, I don't have just downloadable .abcs, so please don't suggest that at this time. This has taken me awhile and I'm clearly not done, but getting there (I have way too many songs).

    Some other collections I'm looking to do in the near future when this one is finished are:
    • Renaissance Madrigals

    • Songs for Bagpipes

    • Songs for Theorbo

    • Songs for single-voice instruments like flute, clarinet or horn

    • English folk songs

    • Irish folk songs

    • Various duets, quartets, trios, etc. Stay tuned!

    Also - Feel free to join the Visionary March community to share your own work!
    Drop me a PM or post here if you have any questions, comments, criticisms, etc.

    Thanks for looking and enjoy!
    [color=#6699FF]Asiech Dully[/color]

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    Re: Asiech Dully's Medieval .abc Collection for Soloists

    Brilliant I'll try these out later when I have time.
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