I've seen it asked for but not delivered, so may I present to you a thread to show off your sweet home and all your awesome knick-knacks!

I'll start it off with my home at 2 Twinfall Path, Naradris, Falathlorn Homesteads, Nimrodel

Every good home starts with a well-manicured yard:
I decided to go with a garden that brings the comforts of indoors, outdoors. It's also great for photoshoots.

I have a parlor for entertaining guests that shows off a growing map collection:
In person, this room is very close, yet calming.

Upstairs is a more private room, perfect for unwinding with a good book after a long day of saving the world:
Rich golds and reds unknot minds while the fire soothes sore muscles.

I'm lucky to have my kinhouse just down the road! Here's a look at the Tirithuin Menel meeting room:
Vibrant greens, with the spoils of conquest scattered in between kegs, tables, and benches.

I'm still of the opinion that more item slots in our homes would really bring them to life, but they have the potential to look pretty neat regardless!