File version 2.3 of LotRO Deed Log HD is now available. (Excel version, similar to, but not exact to Completionist Tracker)

Fixes and changes to file are as follows:
- Fixed many spelling and grammatical errors
- About Sheet: Added version number of file to Info section.
- About Sheet: Added link to Events sheet.
- About Sheet: Clarified what deeds will not be found in this file in Info section. Redefined updating processes in Update section.
- Setup Sheet: Added drop down list for Class and Race section to remove possibility of spelling mistakes by users. (Thanks go to "Bracke")
- Setup Sheet: Added Copy Data button to automatically copy/paste data from your previous file to the updated file, this button will only support versions 2.2 and up (Thanks go to "Bracke")
- C|R|E Sheet: Added comment to Base TP and Possible TP in summary section noting that class and race deeds are not added until a class and race is selected on the Setup sheet.
- C|R|E, Events, Eriador, Rhovanion, Skirmish, and Instance sheets: Made meta deeds to where they will auto-fill as deeds associated with them are completed.
- Skirmish and Instance sheets: Made instance deeds to where they will auto-fill as deeds associated with them are completed.
- Instance sheet: Added Rift of Nurz Gashu to Shadows of Angmar to automate Saviour of Eriador meta deed. This will not appear in the deed log in game, you will need to check your title list to see if you have the titles listed.

Special Notes on this version of the file:
- A new button was added to the Setup sheet to help users update their files quickly. This button will automatically copy and paste all user data from your existing LotRO Deed Log file to version 2.3 if it meets these conditions: it must be at least version 2.2 and it must be the English version (German version will use this button on version 2.4, since there is no previous German version.),
- There is now an English and German version of the file, download the right one.

You can get more info about and download LotRO Deed Log Hd at link

Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

Enjoy the file