Update 1.6.10:

  • CRE/Festivals: Added Farmers Faire deeds
  • Titles/Social: Added Farmers Faire titles
  • Titles/Quest: Added “Thoughtful Friend”
  • Mounts/Festivals: Added Farmers Faire steed
  • Travels/Milestones: Added 5 additional skills
  • Ettenmoors: Deleted the deed “Nemesis of the Outposts” since noone seems to know how/why it got there (including myself)
  • Titles: Deleted the obsolete "Giant Dues-collector", "Hatchery Raider" and "Hated by Zaudru" titles
  • Mounts: Updated “Steed of the Lore-master” to be active
  • Mounts: Updated “Lossoth” steed with correct morale and speed
  • Emotes: Added “jazzhands” that had somehow fallen out
  • Miscellaneous: Deleted the “Key Ring” section

Other Lotro work:

Berry's Deed Maps: Exploration & Slayer deed location maps online.
Lotro Titles A-Z: You can also view the Titles A-Z online on Google Docs.