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    Re: Completionist Tracker (All deeds, titles, virtues, mounts)

    Update 1.6.8:

    • “Titles A-Z” tab added (informative only)
    • Rhovanion/Great River: Added "Stangard Explorer"
    • CRE/Epic: Added "An Unusual Arrival"
    • CRE/Epic: Added "Horsing Around"
    • CRE/Epic: Added "Discovering the Descendant"
    • Titles/Deed: Added "the Trespasser"
    • Titles/Social: Added "Friend of the Mark"
    • Titles/Social: Added "Destined for Rohan"
    • Titles/Social: Added "Studier of the Equine"
    • Titles/Social: Added “the Shrewd”
    • Mounts/Preorder: Added "Steed of the Eastemnet"
    • Mounts/Preorder: Added "Noble Grey Steed"
    • Titles: “Warrior of Stangard”, “Rider of Stangard”, “Defender of Stangard” and “Champion of Stangard” moved from Titles/Deeds to Titles/Quest
    • Titles: “Foe-bane of Dunland” moved from Titles/Deed to Titles/Slayer Deed.
    • Mounts/Preorder: "Steed of the Horse-lords" updated with 62%/100
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