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    Completionist Tracker (All deeds, titles, virtues, mounts, emotes, reputation)

    I have been working for a while on a "Completionist Tracker" containing all deeds, virtues, titles and mounts (so far) in-game and the first non-beta release is ready.

    As the name says, this is a Completionist Tracker for those, who want to keep track of what they have completed and what they are missing of deeds/virtues/titles/mounts. I wanted to make this since I found it increasingly difficult to keep track of anything with the poor in-game logs (especially the Deed Log).

    It includes deeds such as hidden, consumption, festival, meta, epic and classes/vocations/races are taken into consideration.

    If others can find use for it as well, it's only a plus :)

    Please note:
    • It is not a plugin
    • It does not pull info from the game automatically
    • It is currently only available in Open Office Calc format (3.2.1+). Open Office is a free open source suite very similar to MS Office.
    • It does not contain Monster player content

    Please note: This project has stopped being updated from March 15, 2014.

    Update 1.8.4:


    • Classes: Added an extra line in totals “Trait points missing” to make it easier to overview since the quest points aren't counted in the completion rate (because they are not deeds).
    • Mounts/Exclusive: Added 'Westfold Steed'.

    • General: Fixed issue with greyed-out cells when choosing to display less than 9 characters.
    • Setup: Removed update of the number of characters to count for totals since it was causing problems when updating the sheet. The number will have to be set by users after updates.
    • Eriador/Dunland: Corrected Meta deed “Slayer of Dunland” to be based on tier 1 slayer deeds and not tier 2.
    • Mounts/Promotional + Standard: Fixed an error where Steed of the Red Dawn was not updated correctly when updating to a new tracker version.
    • Mounts/Promotional + Standard: Combined the two Bree-steeds (Founder + Starter) in one count since they are identical and both can't be obtained on the same character.
    • Reputation/Guilds: Fixed issue with greyed-out cells for all but cooks.
    • Titles/Social: Attempted to fix issue with totals for users using other language version of Open Office/Libre Office than English. Thanks to Marmi for the help trying to sort this out.

    Screenshot Samples:

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