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Thread: Start a band

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    Start a band

    All musicians that want to start a band, reply to this. By the way, i'm on Arkenstone so we play on this server. If you are intnerested, reply with your race, your instrument(or instruments), your player name and where you would want the show to take place.

    name: Haldrund
    race: Man
    instruments: lute, clarinet, horn, theorbo, bagpipe, flute
    show place: I would like the show to be in Bree. On the rock next to the prancing pony.

    Thats what I want you to reply. By the way, don't forget, its on ARKENSTONE.
    If your from another server, you can create a char on arkenstone just to be in band. You just say it in your reply if your not from arkenstone.

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    Re: Start a band

    I was just about to make a similar post asking for fellow musicians

    I play on Eldar an old EU server, but would be willing to make a character on a different server if band times weren't too late in UK time. say before 1 am UK (8pm EST)

    I would make a Hobbit minstrel, so I could play any instrument, I use the Song Book plugin and have already a large library of songs and can ofc download any extra needed.

    Sorry not quite in the reply format you asked for but not being from your server necessitated a different answer.

    Also If anyone is interested in doing the same on Eldar feel free to contact me in game on either my minstrel - Sya or currently leveling my guardian - Dyllyn.
    [URL="http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=173230&TabID=1466011"][COLOR=#FFFF00]~[/COLOR][COLOR=#FFEC00]~[/COLOR][COLOR=#FFDA00]~[/COLOR][COLOR=#FFC800]~[/COLOR][COLOR=#FFB600]A[/COLOR][COLOR=#FFA300]i[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF9100]n[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF7F00]u[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF6D00]l[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF5B00]i[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF4800]n[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF3600]d[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF2400]e[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF1200]l[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF0000]e [/COLOR][COLOR=#FF2400]E[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF3600]l[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF4800]d[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF5B00]a[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF6D00]r[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF7F00]_[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF9100]E[/COLOR][COLOR=#FFA300]U[/COLOR][COLOR=#FFB600]~[/COLOR][COLOR=#FFC800]~[/COLOR][COLOR=#FFDA00]~[/COLOR][COLOR=#FFEC00]~[/COLOR][/URL]
    [CENTER][COLOR=orange]Sya Furrytoes[/COLOR] - Minstrel, [COLOR=orange]Ordela Furrytoes[/COLOR] - Hunter, [COLOR=orange]Salain Haladain[/COLOR] - Warden, [COLOR=orange]Salahn Haladain[/COLOR] - Captain, [COLOR=orange]Dyllyn[/COLOR] [COLOR=Orange]Ironbeard [/COLOR]- Guardian[/CENTER]



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