I thought I'd post this here so those interested could find it instead of looking to a specific server thread where they might not ever see it. Our kin is about to launch this upcoming week so I'm gathering interest as of now, accepting applications and answering questions. The kin is designed to focus on RP and both in-character and out-of-character creativity.

Some things we plan to do:
  • IC art galleries - Threads will be posted to the Official Landy forums when a member decides to go forward with it. The thread will direct other players through an IC experience with hopes that this will boost RP, create recognizable things to talk about in game or recognizing the artist character in game to start up RP and thus create reasons for people to interact within the game with this new medium as a basis and ice-breaker (all while showcasing an artist's talent!).

  • IC/In-game performances - Concerts that highlight composers, readings of stories or poetry and other types of performances that fit with the world.

  • ABC file bank - Any composers wanting to 'get famous' ICly in the realm of MiddleEarth are welcome to share their ABCs or MIDIs. Browse and download other members' arrangements as well and collaborate on concerts and music in general.

  • Monthly inspiration events - Forum based topics you can contribute your talents to on any level you wish

  • Friendly constructive criticism - Want to get better at something? We're a friendly and helpful environment willing to offer tips and advice and to hear yours as well!

Visionary March Site <- Visit it and feel free to ask me any questions you might have! I'll check forums and PMs and the guild site, of course.