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    Unhappy Download issues. Please help!

    I'm having real issues trying to download this game!
    When I download from fileplanet it always stops at 41%, 3 times in a row! Any idea why this is happening?
    I also cant use the other link , because my firewall wont let me. Its a real bummer as this game looks great!
    Thanks. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Re: Download issues. Please help!

    which browser are you using to download lotro? if your using IE then i would suggest using firefox.. but idealy i would suggest using a download manager buuuut and its a bit fat ugly BUTT, fileplant only lets you use its own downloader

    you may want to try using this
    then remove it after use

    or i would advise looking into why your firewall is blocking the other downloads
    the downloads from here
    are EXE's ie executable or programs you double click run\start maybe your firewall is blocking EXE's or your antivirus is preventing your from downloading

    or if your using internet provided by work, school, college or hotel etc you would be advised to contact your network admins they may be able to help
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    Re: Download issues. Please help!

    You don't even need to use fileplanets own downloader. You may have better luck using their direct download instead of Pandos torrent;
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