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    Crafting and Classes

    Some crafting professions seem to go better with certain classes, while others do not. Setting aside sales at the Auction Houses, which classes go best with which crafts? For example, Loremaster and Armourer do not go together well. Yes, as a Tailor you can make your own armor, but you will be dependant on others for the necessary Hides, and Prospector and Metalsmith do you no good whatsoever. On the other hand, Armsman is terrific for Burglars and Hunters. You can make your own metal and wooden weapons, you can mine for the metal you need for the metal weapons, and you can make your own hunter traps and burglar tools.

    Which classes and crafts go well or poorly together, in your opinion? And remember, do not count what you can do at the Auction House - what is a paucity on one server is a surplus on another.

    I'll start, with the above:



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    Re: Crafting and Classes

    Scholar, Jeweler, and Cook go well with any class. (Except maybe RKs? Depends if you care about the third craft or not.)
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    Re: Crafting and Classes

    I've always found these to be good combinations:
    champion and armsmith,
    guardian and armourer,
    hunter and forester

    I find it really useful, just sending stuff between my characters as it needs doing...for example any hides i get go to my hunter, then to the guardian for tailoring lol.

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    Re: Crafting and Classes

    How about Loremaster? Does anything jump out at you, positively?


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    Re: Crafting and Classes

    Quote Originally Posted by Redmouser View Post
    How about Loremaster? Does anything jump out at you, positively?
    I went with historian for my lore-master, because they seem to fit together well from an RP perspective, but for actual gameplay purposes, a lore-master has no use for the weaponsmith part of the historian vocation, and scholar is equally useful to all classes, so nothing ties it more strongly to lore-master. You could go with woodsman and be able to make your own staves, or tinker since there are some jewelry items that pertain to lore-master pets (as well as all the rest of the jewelry that's useful to you regardless of class).

    If you have multiple alts like I do, it's less important for a character's professions to be useful to their class, so long as you have at least one alt with the necessary professions. That's why I was able to go with RP reasons for choosing which character would have which vocation. (With four character slots, a tinker, woodsman, historian, and armourer cover all ten crafting professions, though it takes three more to also cover all the crafting guilds.) If I was sticking with only one character and he was a lore-master, I'd probably go either explorer to make light armour, or tinker for jewelry. (Possibly woodsman for weapons, but you only use one weapon at a time whereas you have several pieces of armour and jewelry, so it's easier to get your weapon from the AH if you don't have a good quest reward one.)



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