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    NPC Musicians songs -- Sheet Music?

    I was trying to find sheet music or fingering charts for the melodies played by various NPC Musicians throughout the game. Particularly the flutist nearest the Vault in Tinnudur in Evendim.

    What i'm looking for is not a .abc file or anything like that. I'm looking for Real Life sheet music or fingering charts, so I can learn to play the tunes in real life, on a recorder most likely.

    Anyone know if these exist or where they can be found?

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    AW: NPC Musicians songs -- Sheet Music?

    Why not make your own?
    For example you can use EasyABC to convert abcs, midis and other formats to sheet music.

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    Re: NPC Musicians songs -- Sheet Music?

    That does sound very useful, and I'm sure I'll use it for other projects, but my issue is I have no .abc or .midi file to work with. All I have is the sound of the NPC playing, unless there's a .midi or .abc file somewhere in the turbine folder? ....

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    AW: NPC Musicians songs -- Sheet Music?

    No, sorry, you won't find any in the game's directory on your disk, but I know at least of one abc that's - well - kind of what you're looking for. It's not something an npc musician is playing, it's the tune from the brandywine bridge. I can't remember where I found it and alas there are no credits inside the file. I'll just put the notes in here so you'll have at least something to start with.

    ----- cut here -----
    X: 1
    T: Brandywine Bridge
    Q: 1/4=120
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    K: F

    e3 f ed c2 |B2 d2 c3 z |GB c2 BG F2 |D2 EF G2 G2 |z2 cd cd e2 |c2 f2 ed c2 |z2 fe c2 fe |f g3 g4
    ----- cut here -----

    Maybe there are others like that on Fat Lute or in one of the music threads.
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