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Thread: Farmer John

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    Farmer John

    Meet farmer John. He was a hard working man that always put food on the table for his wife and him. His crops consisted of all sorts of food from apples to potatoes and chickens to wheat.

    Then one day farmer John was in quite a dilemma. The stork had paid a visit that night bringing 43 Philippines to his home.

    Not knowing how he was to be able to feed his new family he took out a loan and bought a newer truck. Hoping that it would increase productivity he planted forty-three times his regular amount feeling confident he would be able to harvest his crops in time before the winter came.

    Pretty soon his family grew up big and strong and began working on their fathers farm. Farmer John wanted the best for his family and wanted to send them all to college but didn't know how he was going to afford it. Thinking out a plan he took out a second loan and bought even more trucks and began selling his crops for a considerable amount of money, enabling him to put his family through college.

    The End.

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    Re: Farmer John

    Mods will probably close it just because of the word farmer.
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    Heyzz, Ziaz, & Howlzer approve of this thread.

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    Re: Farmer John

    Should be Guatemalans... not Filipinos.

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    Re: Farmer John

    oh i see what you did there... Classy llol
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