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    My Custom Keymapping, thought I would share

    I thought I would share my Custom Keymap with everyone, I found I like much better than the default one. I geared it to get the most from single keypress and avoiding panel popups that I do not need during combat.

    A PDF showing map of main keyboard is here: http://lotro.ciper.com/Keys.pdf (includeing shift states)
    The keymap itself is at: http://lotro.ciper.com/lotro.keymap


    WASD keys work for movement in all shift states (except music state)

    Keys around the WASD keys are for targeting
    R = Foe, T = Track, Y = Item, F = Assist, X= Attacker, C = Player, V = NPC

    Horse mount is mapped to H, so quick dismount and mount. HYU = dismounts, selects closes item and uses (for quick mounted gathering)

    38 quickslots are available with single key stroke, other 36 are shift + key
    Top Row is normal, F keys are Bar 1, and keys to right are mapped to bar 5
    Shifted they are bar 2, 3 and 4.

    All Panels are Ctrl or Alt + key, Accept Inventory, Character (mapped to J), Wallet, Names and Map

    Arrow keys are mapped to fellowship manuevers
    6 keys above the arrows (ins-PageDn) are mapped to fellowship targeted, shift+ for assist.

    Z is chat
    Caps lock for autorun
    Tab is still next Foe
    backspace is prior target
    Shift + Return for reply

    Alt+Enter is music mode, and all keys are mapped to notes to no accidental movement when playing)

    I hope you enjoy it.

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    Re: My Custom Keymapping, thought I would share

    thanks. looks good.



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