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    Frustrating freezing...

    So, a little while ago I posted a thread that explained I was having some trouble with LOTRO freezing up my entire computer, to the point where my cursor becomes stuck and none of my keyboard responds. The only solution is to do a hard reboot. It began with freezing on the loading screen, after character selection. To combat this I lowered my graphics to as low as they could go, but still the problem persisted, this time in-game.

    It was suggested that I might have an overheating problem, since LOTRO obviously would use a significant amount of processing power. I thought this might be the case because the other day when I froze my fan kicked into gear at exactly the same time.

    However, I've been checking my core temps and they're lower than 50c when I freeze. The computer isn't obviously externally hot, either. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to the freezing. I managed to do a full instance run with no lag whatsoever, but then another day, as soon as the loading screen appeared for an instance, I froze. It can also be just standing around, not doing anything, and the computer will freeze.

    I've managed to play other games, (not MMOs, but ones with pretty decent graphics), without incident. It may also be important to note that I very occasionally receive error messages when I try to log in. Sometimes that underlying connections couldn't be resolved, sometimes other errors, but never really recurrently, and they've never had this effect before.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Re: Frustrating freezing...

    A suggestion and some questions so you may receive the correct help.

    Set gpu fan to run all the time while playing the game.
    I personally don't care for quiet mode in a cpu/gpu intensive game.

    Is this a laptop or pc?
    2nd,list your pc specs so someone will know what you're dealing with to better help you.
    Giving you answers to what the problem might be without knowing your rig is just not a good idea.

    A quick resolution too may be to change graphical settings.
    If you're running DX10/DX11,drop it back to DX9.
    I run an HD5770 and it occasionally will poop out with DX11.
    No idea why,it runs other games like Dirt2 with DX11 perfectly.
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