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    Angry The Heraldry of Lindon - Soloable?

    Hi everyone,

    I've got a 53 Hunter and I was wondering if it was at all possible to even solo this quest (Volume 1, Book 14, Chapter 1)?

    I can get down to Goeolgur very quickly, but the trouble is that I keep getting whacked by his adds since it is in an enclosed space. So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a strategy or, if possible, make an opportunity to put together a fellowship to take this zombie down.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

    EDIT: I have since beaten this quest with a two man fellowship, but feel free to share strategies.
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    Re: The Heraldry of Lindon - Soloable?

    I have done it with three classes now on level and solo but they are all heavy armour. I would imagine that with a hunter you might have some problems from interrupts. CC is only going to partially help becase some of the adds are archers if I remember. Are you buffing yourself with everything possible? bowchants, food, damage& defense scrolls? Using light or fire oil?

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    Re: The Heraldry of Lindon - Soloable?

    As a Hunter you are going to find Book14 and 15 very challenging to solo. I have friends that could not complete 14 and 15 solo with a level 65 Hunter especially the 1.14.15 and 1.15.12 are especially troublesome.

    They are doable. It takes a skilled player that know how to get the most out of their Hunter. I typically take a guardian to help my Hunter buddies. That way they can focus on one opponent at a time. Not have to deal with all the set backs and interrupts on their induction skills.

    Turbine greatly nerfed these instances so that they could be done solo. Or with two.
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    Red face Frustrating! (But got there)

    Hi All,
    Just did this with my 55 hunter (after a few attempts). Used rack of lamb for the in-combat morale, fire oil, major breach-finder, precision stance and mainly focussed on the boss. Bard's arrow and dazing blow don't seem to work on him, but didn't try them on the adds. Got boss down as much as possible first with barbed arrow followed by heart seeker (shot through the heart trait equipped), then heartseeker on every cooldown making sure barbed arrow was on him. As soon as adds spawned, put barbed arrow on them as well and swift bow and then back to the boss to try to keep pushing him down. Stayed in one spot so that whenever I parried him I could use agile rejoinder as he was within range (which I've stacked points on with my melee legendary weapon) for heals. The second lot of adds had only just spawned when the boss died. Used one morale potion during fight, and that along with the heals from agile rejoinder kept me at half health and above. The interrupts and stuns weren't as bad as when I tried it at 54, but for me at least (others may find this completely different), as much dps on the boss was the way through it. I'm guessing it might have been nerfed since the OP. Not quite as annoying or difficult as the fight in the last book against Ein (omg that caused me quite a bit of hair loss), but still tricky.

    Hope it's of some help if there are any other hunters doing it at the mo



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