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Thread: Lost Soul

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    Question Lost Soul

    I started playing the game quite recently but back at the game's original release I had built up a character which I want to resurrect.

    I had a long break away from pc's in general due to illness. Four years roughly.

    Now I want to get my original character. Here's some details.

    Hame: Hengst
    Race: Man, male
    Class: Hunter
    Level: 47
    Guild: Knights of the Silver Flame
    Last in: Eastern Malenhad
    Date: 12/13 07:29 pm

    Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
    I got the above details from a friend and neighbour who is still in the game and has my char on his friends list.


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    Re: Lost Soul

    Our Account Support department may be able to assist you with locating the account. You will need to contact them directly, as we cannot provide account-specific support on the forums. You can use the information in my signature to contact them.

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    Re: Lost Soul

    What you most of all need to know is the username and password of the account you were using back then, and the name of the server your character is on. Your friend should easily be able to tell you what server he is still on.

    If you have logged on to make this post using that old username, then all you need to do is install the game, log on, and select the server your friend is on. Your character and all his stuff should still be in East Malenhad where you left him.

    I would recommend you get yourself to town immediately and check your trainer; you probably have new skills to buy. A whole LOT has changed since you've been gone.
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