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    Exclamation Can't find out how to play


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    Re: Can't find out how to play

    You're going to need to be a bit more specific about your problem. Have you downloaded the game? Installed the game? Created a character?
    Confused about the F2P/Premium/VIP account types? [URL=http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?377885-What-happens-if...-answers-about-the-account-types]This post may help.[/URL]

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    Re: Can't find out how to play

    Start here: www.lotro.com/support/download-lotro

    Once you install, login...
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    Re: Can't find out how to play

    you need to be a little less vaue as to what you want help with or why you cant play
    the best i can think of is provide you a few links

    first register for a lotro account here
    once your signed up you will then shown the download page, if youve lost the page or just need to download lotro try here

    if you dont know how to play lotro you can find a manual you can download here

    if you need help deciding on which class to play or simply want more info about classes

    you can also find more usefull info for new players here
    New Player Guides

    if those dont help then please say what you actualy need help with
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