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    I Heard I'm The Latest "Farmer"

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    Re: I Heard I'm The Latest "Farmer"

    You have been working on Rank 10 nearly as long as i did. Since late last October IIRC.

    Another assumption making that person clearly an ___.
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    Re: I Heard I'm The Latest "Farmer"

    No chance, and I know about this issue.
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    Re: I Heard I'm The Latest "Farmer"

    considering you do roam around alot solo and arent with the shuffles as much as some of the others i can see how one would think it. Plus you have posted about wanting spars. So you may have been seen fighting 1v1 more than others. I wouldnt put it past anyone to do it, but that being said id say small chance you have done it for real. You arent the one in your kin that i would accuse of farming. Its alot more noticeable and easier to say balbaroy an sholeh farmed, why would they say you
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    Re: I Heard I'm The Latest "Farmer"

    That's just plain stupid. We all know you're not the "latest" farmer....

    You're one of the originals!

    Keep givin' 'em heck, Cliebs.

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    Why does it matter?

    Re: I Heard I'm The Latest "Farmer"

    Yes Cliebo you are.

    Nuff said.

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    Re: I Heard I'm The Latest "Farmer"

    Perhaps oldest? But not latest.

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    Re: I Heard I'm The Latest "Farmer"

    You've killed me like 3 times in a row (over the last week). Stop farming me!

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    Re: I Heard I'm The Latest "Farmer"

    It's the truth. He paid me cash monies to get Cliebu to 5 stars.

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    Re: I Heard I'm The Latest "Farmer"

    Ahhh clieb I taught you well.

    Warden 1v1's are essentially farming.

    Now get back in a raid and get your reknown 3 points a time while camping greenies at rez points.

    Leloric 60 Hunter
    Leloki 60 Burg



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