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    Give it to meeee!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferhel_Norin View Post
    Give it to meeee!!!!!!!
    Nice and short, I like it

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    What would the class do?

    What class role isn't currently covered that needs an additional class?

    I'd vote for the time spent fixing the current major pvp issues rather than making more.

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    Cool I might be high


    Been way to long playing on my reaver not even doing half the damage a full specked dps warden can do! A FAKING JOKE! WHERE IS THE CREEPS RK HUH? WHERE IS THE CREEPS FAKING WARDEN DPS!!?!?! WEAVERS? FAKING HELL

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    new creeps class

    Here are some ideas I found on the forums:

    Morgul Sorcerer - Ranged Tactical DPS class

    Goblin Sapper - Mid-ranged AoE DPS class

    Morroval - Melee Tactical DPS?

    Half-troll - High Mit non-healing "PVP" tank class
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicobandito View Post
    Morroval would be great but what role would it be????

    I couldn't really tell from the post.
    My original post is now super old and, being honest, not that well thought out, despite it's complexity. The main problem I had with ideas for roles is that creeps have a lot of them covered, but it's always good to have multiple options for something. I think we don't have a lightning-RK type role (single target tactical dps), which would be nice. The base idea was of a hybrid class that is able to take one of two roles. Solo the Morroval is mostly physical dps, with bleeds and stuns. Taking the Morvul would open up tactical options at the expense of physical ones, offering tactical dps, self healing and debuffs. Although I never intended it to be a healing class, i could imagine turning the tactical option from dps into group healing and debuffs instead. But the Morvul slave I had in mind at the time I now think would just be too vulnerable to have tied in so closely with access to skills, so that idea should probably go and become some kind of toggle stance or attunement type unlock instead of a summon.

    There's a strange idea: a class that attunes like an RK, but between melee and tactical. Probably not practical though.

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    Goblin Scout

    **********WARNING LONG POST*************

    So just for fun again. You know how there are 2 classes for the Orc (Reaver / Defiler) and 2 classes for the Uruk-kai (Warleader / Blackarrow)?

    Well... since I am pretending the Goblin Sapper is a race/class choice then Goblins should have 2 classes as well. But Monsters don't NEED anything else!!!....okaaaay.

    Played all of them but none past Rank 10. Got kinda bored. So it's not a question of need. You don't NEED sauce on your pasta but it's more enjoyable to have variety.

    What role is left? Well, since Goblins are rather smallish they probably shouldn't melee. When you're small you rely on cleverness. So Stealth mode makes sense.

    Mid-ranged, highly mobile, stealth....BOOYAH! Below is version 1.0


    Description: Cruel, calculating and clever you have been hardened by the harsh cold of Mount Gram. Conscripted from your hunting and patrol duties to serve the Legions in the Ettenmoors… etc.

    Combat Role(s):
    Primary: Stealth Medium-Ranged DPS, Single Target, DoT - Poisons
    Secondary: Debuff

    Weapons: Short bow, dagger (Kurki) (2) or Short sword (1)

    Armor: Medium

    Passive Skill Slots:
    Damage: +++--
    Health: +++--
    Power: ++---
    Armor: +++--
    Avoidance: +++++
    Resistance: ++++-

    R0: March - +25% run speed. Out of Combat only
    R0: Shot: Medium range Low, burst dmg.
    R0: Caltrops: Trap, can be done while moving. Low damage DoT, with slow x 7 sec
    effect. Similar to snare (BA skill)
    R0: Poisonous Arrow: Medium range, Medium damage DoT. If not cured then – 2222
    Finesse, -2222 Resistance x 1 min when Dot ends. Automatic debuff if crit.
    R0: Slashy slash: Melee medium damage bleed DoT

    R1: Fettered Shot: Just like BA (Hindering Shot) skill but medium range.
    R1: Signal Torch: increased morale / power regeneration in AoE (non-combat) Lasts
    2 min. 2 min CD. 5 sec induction. +4 stealth detection. Similar to Hunter’s
    Campfire. (weaker of course)

    R2: Goblin Arrow: Medium ranged. Medium damage Bleed DoT.
    R2: Shin kick: You kick at your opponent’s shin. Low dmg. 33% chance to stun.
    R3: Impaling arrow: Just like BA skill (punctured target) but mid-ranged.
    R3: Hide: Stealth skill like Disappear and Sneak.

    R4: Venomous Arrow: 25m. Medium damage DoT. If not cured then -2424 crit
    rating, -2424 crit defence x 1 min when DoT ends. Automatic if crit.
    R4: Shake-N-Bake: 33% melee, 66% ranged evasion x 15 sec. 2 min CD.

    R5: Punji Stakes: 5 sec induction. Sets a trap that lasts 90 seconds. Causes low
    damage DoT with “Impending poison” effect. +25% skill inductions, +25% attack
    duration x 20 sec after 30 sec delay. 6s stun when it ends.
    R5: Sulfur Mash pack: Cauterizes bleeding wounds (Stops bleeds) with low HoT.

    R6: Sapping Arrow: Low morale DoT, Low Power DoT.
    R6: Virulant Arrow: Medium damage DoT, If not cured then -2020 Phys Mit, -2020
    Tact Mit x 1 min upon end of DoT. Automatic if crit.

    R7: Big Shot: Very High damage burst dmg when opponent is below 1/3 morale.

    R8: Bushwhack: High burst damage shot from stealth. Makes target “Susceptible
    to poison” x 90 sec.

    R9: Heckle: You yell a deafening high pitched shout. Low shadow damage DoT with
    interrupt. -25% Tact damage x 20 sec if Crit. Cannot BPE.

    R10: Razzle-Dazzle: melee only reflect skill.

    R11: Malinger: Like Minstrel “Still as Death” but 3 min CD instead of 2min 30 sec.
    Drops all aggro. Not affected by Dots.

    R12: Exudation: Breaks CC. Long CD. Resets skills.

    Class Traits:
    Runs with Wargs: You have an affinity for Wargs. Place your mark on one Warg.
    While you are grouped the marked Warg gains 5% evasion. You do not have a
    Disappear/HiPS skill but when your marked Warg Disappears so do you. You’re
    more at ease and gain – 0.3 bow inductions.

    Tuck-n-roll: you take 50% less damage and recover 50% faster from falls.

    Deft feet: You back peddle 50% faster.

    The good stuff: You have friends in low places. The armorer has made you well
    fitting quality armor in exchange for the hides you bring him from
    hunting. +xxxx armor, +xxxx evasion, + 10 stealth.

    Choice Commodities: In exchange for fresh meat the weavers provide you with the
    most concentrated venom. Miners provide you with the purest of
    sulfurs. Poison debuffs last longer and increase the effect. Heal is
    increased and CD is less.

    Center mast: +crit rate, + finesse, + mastery

    Enhanced Fettered Shot: +4 secs, 50% chance to “fear” if used on pets.

    Advanced skill Scamper: +100% run speed, CC immune, + 50% evasion, + 50%
    resistance x 8 sec.

    Enhanced Caltrops: increases duration of hinder. +10% run speed.

    Compound Bow: + 5m on all ranged skills, bypass 5% armor on Shot, fettered shot,
    Goblin Arrow, Big Shot and Bushwhack.

    *Note: “Goblin” used to describe the Orc of the smaller variety. If you prefer you can call it a Small Orc or small variety Orc or whatever you need to understand. “Goblin” is just easier and faster to type and say for me. I understand the terms are interchangeable per Prof. Tolkien. So instead of saying large Goblin, small Goblin, Large Orc, Small Orc, Medium Orc, Medium Goblin etc. I will just use the word Goblin for a small Orc. “Goblin”, “Orc” or “Ork” (sic) ….hmmm I wonder where the word Dork comes from? Maybe there is a ½ Orc and ½ Dwarf corrupted species. Dwarf + Orc = Dork? Dangit, where’s my Adderal?

    **Note: Funny Goblin shouts, screams and sayings on devastated hits.

    won't happen for real so relax.
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    I would have liked a goblin race class. Goblin Sneak makes sense. Stealth class, with some burg type skills?

    Props to the OP, but Morrovals do not seem to be team Sauron but more just plain evil with no affiliations.
    Kinships: Fifth Star Vagabonds on Crickhollow (Dotswith); Random Access on Arkenstone (Dottiel)

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    I agree. GOblin, Moravail, Black Numenoreans, - creeps need choices too.


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