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    What happened to FF's R14 Champion?

    I was looking at the Champion section of the LOTRO leaderboard...not updating...grr. :P
    That's when I realized Gunpowder was FF's highest ranked champion.
    I was under the impression that Balbaroy was the highest ranked anything on FF.
    Does Balbaroy exist anymore? /bow Some pretty epic fights with you out there.

    (Champion leaderboard)
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    Re: What happened to FF's R14 Champion?

    yea i miss the balbaroy. he had a similar approach to moorsing that i do it seemed. run headlong into creep zergballs and go berserker style on them all. except he actually got kills doing it. wtb moar balbaroy

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    Re: What happened to FF's R14 Champion?

    lol yeah he still exists he has just been taking a break from the game for a bit good thing too, cz I got his Baingrist mwaha.. he will prolly be back sooner or later and grind out pvmp like a maniac as alwas
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    Re: What happened to FF's R14 Champion?

    Might be taking a break until new expansion comes out?

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    Re: What happened to FF's R14 Champion?

    He's on a bit of a break at the moment. His ETA is unknown. We can assume he'll be back for Isengard but he hasn't really said anything.

    Don't worry, he'll be back.
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