Kin Charter:

Midnight Crusader is a group of mature gamers who enjoy similar company. We are a relaxed and casual kinship with a focus on a stress free environment. Everyone can go at their own pace without pressure to do anything they aren’t interested in doing, or aren’t ready to do. The only thing we ask is to help others that are in need if at all possible. While we do plan on enjoying everything the game has to offer, we are in no rush to be at the top or to be the best. We all have a life outside of the game, and this is important to remember. Regarding members, Midnight Crusaders will always operate by the motto “quality, not quantity.” We strive to create a family atmosphere that is tight knit where we are more than just fellow gamers, but friends as well.

Kinship Rules:

While we do not wish to have a laundry list of rules for members to abide by, there must be some in order to create and enforce the kind of playing environment we wish to experience. Breaking of the rules will result in a warning. If problems continue, expulsion from the guild can result.

1. Be mature and treat people the way you want to be treated. This goes beyond just guild members, but to everyone on the server. Every guild member represents the guild as a whole on a day-to-day basis so treat both guild members and people on the server with kindness and respect.

2. No name calling, insulting, flaming, arguing, etc. EVER. If there is a disagreement, try to communicate with the person to resolve the problem. If the problem continues, contact one of the kin leader or officers.

3. Keep it clean. Whether it’s in kin chat or on Voice, keep it clean. Bad language and dirty jokes are not tolerated as many members have families and kids who may either see what is being said or hear it.

4. No pressure. We are a relaxed and casual kinship with members who have real lives. Never is it appropriate to push or pressure members to level fast, craft fast, or do anything they aren’t ready or interested in doing.

5. Work together and assist the kinship. You are in a kinship for a reason, to be a part of a family and friends who help each other out and both give and receive. Therefore, assist in this aspect. Help people when you have the time, give when you can to the kinship resources, and seek kinship members for grouping, skirmish's, instances, but we understand if there is no one else group with others.

6. No begging, whining, or hand holding. As a kinship we will all do our best to help when we can, but do not beg or whine if people aren’t available or are busy. Understand that there are times people may want to do their own thing or have prior plans and aren’t available. Also, do not expect hand holding on every task, especially if it is easily soloable.

7. We must get to know you to give an invite into the guild. The application part of the process is for us to find you and for us to get a jump on getting to know you.

8. 17+ years old. There may be a few exceptions!

9. You must put in a application on our site to be considered.
Link to the site:

Thank you for your understanding and support.