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I can't speak for others, but I know there are a lot of others who feel the same way as I do, and I will tell you why I personally take a group to disrupt a gtr circle when I can, and my motivation isn't cheap points. I really, really hate the location.

1. People try to use it as a safe zone, as mentioned.
2. People use it as a staging area to survey likely targets traveling by the circle, and against opponent groups trying to take TR.
3. It takes away a great spot to have group fights.
4. The high-traffic area location confuses newer players to the Moors.
5. The most fun reason- it pisses off the 1v1ing creeps so that they group up to come squash my group...leading to group fights on gtr lawn, which I like If I manage to wipe a circle, I will stay there and give the opportunity for some getback because that's what I want- group fighting.
6. I enjoy tweaking certain Egos that reside at the circle. I suppose that makes me as much of a jerk as the Egos, but... /shrug
1) If the points didn't matter, why not run in and throw fire/wind lore on every target?
2) If people are using it as a safe zone to tag nearby targets, go in and kill them. You have a group, it shouldn't be too difficult to kill a person or two abusing the system and leave.
3) Don't avoid a group fight if its going to take place there. If people choose to join in on a group fight that was at the 1v1s, see point #2.
4) Lots of things are confusing to new players in the moors. Lots of things are confusing to r12 players in the moors too, figuring out why a bunch of people are standing around not fighting each other is a good lesson in observing and understanding your surroundings. Whether you're raided up or solo, this is a valuable thing to learn.
5) Unless you've just formed a group and zerg the 1v1s as the first order of business, people who choose not to group up against you do so because for one reason or another they don't consider fighting you worthwhile. Perhaps you should make these people want to group up to fight you on the merit that they think its worthwhile to group up and fight you, rather than because you want to force yourself on people for your own enjoyment.