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    Smile role-playing kin

    i was just wondering, what everyone else thought about an rp kin that was based on the rangers . for silverlode

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    Re: role-playing kin

    Overall A RP kinship would be great, too bad most so called RP kinships even on RP servers are such only in ideal and in my experience are very very rp light or just plain ol congested with non RP ####

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    Re: role-playing kin

    Not a bad idea if you can find enough people to get into it properly. I would caution you on trying to describe yourselves as Rangers. You may find yourself fighting battles against players who want to make themselves distantly related to Aragorn or Halbarad's younger brother or other nonsense. It might be better to be 'normal' people who think the Rangers aren't that bad or mysterious and are trying to help them out wherever they can. People who recall old stories about the King's men of Arnor and seem to discern something noble in the few Rangers they've met. I'm not sure if you've read the book but the Prancing Pony chapters can give you some good ideas about how people like Butterbur felt about the Rangers. Considering he's an innkeeper, I would expect him to be more open than most folks when it came to strangers in town, yet he didn't quite trust them. Hope the idea works out for you.
    "You can't fight the Enemy with his own Ring without turning into an Enemy" - J.R.R. Tolkien, Letter # 81

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    Re: role-playing kin

    Curiosities I have about RP kins, and thought might be interesting to address here?
    How do you handle dailies and quests which break immersion by means of repeat killing of bosses and such? Especially named bosses, or helping with epic book quests which you've already completed yourself? Because the continuity of the story and events would be disrupted by multiple people being at different points in the storyline.

    How do you address tells, players who aren't/won't RP, and similar?

    Allowing for social areas/social channels that are designated for OOC only and RP only?

    I would think it best to keep away from having characters named or related for canon characters, though it could be interesting to play off the child of Turin and Nienor - though kind of icky and weird too. Still, as a rule, it tends to make things more manageable in RP, rather than having 18 half brothers of Elrond Half-elven.

    I think it would also be great if more social/RP support were added to LOTRO, to entice and encourage RP. That would take a bit of work from the maker's ends though.

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    Re: role-playing kin

    Quote Originally Posted by amybunny View Post
    How do you address tells, players who aren't/won't RP, and similar?

    Allowing for social areas/social channels that are designated for OOC only and RP only?
    This is how The Seekers Of Lost Kin handle it:

    The kinship chat channel is to be used for IC roleplay. For ease, we’re assuming some sort of small magic item (a small runic stone, perhaps) is somehow responsible for the “magic” that allows characters to speak to each other over long distances. All OOC chatter is to be kept to a minimum, and surrounded by ((double brackets.)) If at all possible, restrict OOC chat to tells, or form a fellowship with the group of people you’d like to chat with OOC.

    On kinhouse grounds, all /say is IC. During roleplaying events held at the kinhouse that are open to non-kin, please use the /say function. It allows non-kin access to the conversations, and creates a somewhat realistic “bubble” as to how close you need to be to another character to “hear” them. The same “bubble” is used with NPCs – you can only hear what they’re saying within a certain range. (We’ve discovered through experimentation that using /say inside the kinhouse cannot be heard outside and vice-versa; using the RP channel to simulate yelling to bridge the inside/outside divide is very effective. Just be sure to type “/rp on” to be able to type in the RP channel, and have your filter set so you can see anything in the RP channel.)

    - Ioan of Gondor



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