Hullo thar everybody! Allow myself to introduce myself to you all. I'm an aspiring Hobbit Burg who's really really into pvping. I'm lvl65 with halfway decent gear, a bag full of tricks and hairy feet. I enjoying stabbing BA's in the moonlight, and slicing the throats of 'not so innocent' Reavers. Ya know.......all sorts of fun burglar stuff. Now then, since the introduction is over, allow myself to share with you my PvP Kinship Conundrum.

You see, I'm having some trouble forming up an exclusive kinship. One made up of all Burgs! Sounds fun yah? I always see Burgs out in the moors, so I figured this could be a good idea. Unfortunately for me, I've had almost no success in creating this new All Burg Kinship.

The name of the kinship is Burgs with Marbles. Sounds catchy I know because we actually have bags of marbles *laugh*. All pun aside though.......I can't seem to recruit a single burg into Burgs with Marbles, and I can't quite understand why. I had one reply, but he asked what the name of it was, and I told him it was Burgs with Marbles. Needless to say, I haven't heard back from him, and its been nearly a week.

Now the real conundrum that I'm having is that a fellow colleague of mine has had incredible success with his All Guardian PvP kinship. I just don't understand how he manages to get soo many new Guardians to join up. He recently told me that the sheer volume of requests is getting to the point where he can't keep up with the invites! Unbelievable!! Just Unbelievable.

So I asked him how he manages to get so many Guardians to join this All Guard PvP Kin. And to tell ya the truth, he wasn't sure himself!! So I then asked him......well......whats the name of this All Guard PvP Kinship. And thats when it hit me. I was doing it all wrong this whole time!

It turns out the name of his all Guard PvP Kinship is Guards with No Marbles! Guards with No Marbles!! Can you believe that?! I was doing it wrong this whole time. I just needed one more word, and it would have been a booming success.

Well needless to say, I will not make that mistake again, and I hope anyone else who is an aspiring PvP Kinship creator to please.............don't make the same mistake that I had.

Good day to you all! Happy 4th of July!