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    Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    One of the best minstrels out there. Thanks for bringing the fight to us creeps and thanks for all the bumps and bruises. A definitely well earned rank. 12k today, that's freakin awesome!!! It's been great fighting you out there. Now get your butt on creepside, we miss you.

    Grats Gil for being the lucky KB
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    Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    Is it just me, or is Gil always the lucky kb? ; )

    Grats Sherah! You're always healing even when people aren't in your group!
    "Dear Devs, Nerf Rock. Paper is ok. Sincerely, Scissors"

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    Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    Gratz Sherah!!!! Now return to Creepside and bubble me until R11, ~35k away!!!
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    Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    Grats Sherah!! Fun watching you fight and I'm starting to die just for you to rez me!

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    Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    Grats Sherah! You're a balla fo' real.
    Graf | Musta

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    Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    Congrats Sherah! Now, get on creepside and help me endure that (usually) all male company! <3

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    Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    Gratz Sherah!!!

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    Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    Grats Sherah!

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    Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    Congrats Sherah!
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    Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    Grats Sherah! Well Earned! Oh and keep fearin Spidey and not me.
    Rustynailz The Black Blade

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    Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    Thx everyone, it was def a good day out there but that last thousand renown almost drove me crazy! Talk about feeding the creeps in EC. Will be back out on creep side now. Thanks for all the fun, 1vs1's and good times.

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    Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    grats sherah!!!

    one day all catch up to all you crazy hobbits
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    Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    Gratz Sher!!! Always fun to see you running around the moors. Look forward to gankin your creeps =)

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    Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!


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    Cool Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    congratulations to one of my favourite female players on the server, im glad someone still has passion for this class =)

    <3 Volodic

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    Re: Congrats Lieutenant Sherah!!!

    Grats Sherah! you had me at f..me sideways...



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