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    How big is your power pool on BR? I think mine is around 5400, which implies I'm getting some from gear and traits. For that matter, how much Fate did you have?

    Anyway, we can extrapolate roughly that a standard tanking rotation burns between 4700 and 5000 power per minute. The back-of-envelope calculation I did to derive that includes your pot and Rallying Cries, so the "true" number is probably closer to 5500-6000, but that's not really important. I'm going to try to derive a "target" ICPR and therefore Fate value that tanking Captains can shoot for.

    5000 ICPR would give us infinite power sustain, but realistically we can't build that much Fate and stay effective. (Right?) So here's a rough little table of fight duration vs. ICPR:

    • 5 Minutes: 4000 ICPR
    • 4 Minutes 3750 ICPR
    • 3 Minutes: 3325 ICPR
    • 2 Minutes: 2500 ICPR

    Note that most of those values are fudged a little, since I didn't feel like spending TOO much time on accuracy. There does seem to be a trend that, perversely, each additional point of ICPR counts for more the more ICPR you have.

    Getting from 1.5 minutes to 2 required a jump of ~1k extra ICPR. 2 minutes to 3 required 850. 3 to 4 required 425. 4 to 5 required 250. Etc.

    Anyway, what does that have to do with gearing? Well, many fights we'll want to tank last 2 minutes or more. So, we should shoot for 2500 ICPR in a tank build. Figuring that we have roughly a base 1k ICPR before Fate (incidentally, Omen, I don't think your spreadsheet accounts for this), that means we want at least 300 Fate from our tank gear.

    Just messing around with the spreadsheet, I easily got 365 Fate into a build that also had 18k morale and strong resistances. So, the situation when U10 gear is in the mix is slightly less bad than with Hytbold/U9 gear.

    As a secondary note, I'll almost mention that perhaps the best way to get Fate without losing other stats is probably going to be through LI relics and even titles. Losing, say, 30 Vitality doesn't hurt that much, but gaining 30 Fate is pretty good.
    My power pool was about 4724. Vibrant neck of Eomer, Hyt Leader Shoulders, Loyalty, Fidelity. You probably use the Gems of Hope, I went for True Gems of Twilight.

    We've got exactly 240 base ICPR before Fate, which I moved to a more conspicuous, intuitive location on the spreadsheet.

    I like the idea of trying to derive a rough target for ICPR. Screwing around a bit more, I got a rough number for how much I burn in a minute, and it falls within your 5500-6000 Power used per minute range, unmodified by power restores. I was on the lower end, using a 1hander, with power legacies. So say -5750 PPM.

    Can't expect ICPR to account for all that, lets look at other things that give power. You included some of these in your number, but I wanna lay each one out there: So if 1 RC/min is roughly 500 PPM to me, 0.5 Pot/min is roughly 712.5 PPM. Food is what, 600 ICPR which is already in units of PPM? That leaves me with -3938ish PPM to account for somewhere? I acknowledge the existance of blue CJs, but I dunno how to account for them. More rally cries would help, less would hurt, but if there were just 1 per minute, 2500 ICPR from stat there oughta make the tank in question good for like 3ish minutes. (Numbers are getting rougher the further down this rabbit hole I go. Start with rough numbers, end with rough numbers.)

    I guess a lot of it depends on how much power help you can count on from other sources, like food & stuff.

    In other news, been trying to fix little problems with the spreadsheet. Earring of Defiant and Trev Gallorg had their stats swapped for some damn reason. Added in that will no longer changes power, added in new Crit D formula, somehow I had the equip stat for banner of hope off by like 7 morale, changed Hytbold and Moors armor stats to include the fate for ICPR changes RockX made. Still digging around for tiny things that mayve escaped my notice.
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