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    Captain Stats Spreadsheet

    Last Update: 3-2-13
    Added a lot of U10 loot from Bullroarer Build 5 to the sheet.
    Removed stat set bonuses where relevant.
    To do list:
    Double check new U10 loot once U10 actually launches
    Fill in the odd-numbered gaps between rank 12 and rank 16 virtues. I'm capped so I haven't found any ****s to give but it'd be easy for anyone else to do.

    Greetings Captains, I've updated my gear and stat spreadsheet for captains to RoR. This is a tool I use when contemplating different builds for my Captain, and I've uploaded it to Google Docs for your use as well.

    Here are the primary goals of my spreadsheet:
    1. To allow myself to analyze my gear options and all their effects on my captain.
    2. To allow myself to compare/contrast with ease different gear selection.
    3. To create a robust and sustainable set of calculations, in case I ever added to or edited the spreadsheets.
    4. To include a healthy selection of gear a end-game Captain would want.

    I believe I have achieved these.

    So, what makes my spreadsheet different from others out there? I took my time putting in values for a lot of endgame teal gear into tables, and on the main calculation spreadsheet I made formulas that would pull in the values for the particular piece of gear that one would select from a dropdown box.

    So, to work this tool, you go to the Calculations tab. For each piece of gear, make a selection in the drop-down box (which can be seen by selecting the cell). The data for each selection you make is pulled in from separate sheets, and the final stats are tallied up at the bottom of the spreadsheet. In addition to gear, I included such things as IDOME buff, our Race of Man traits, and various other predictable stat bonuses. I also included Set Bonuses! All you have to do is select the name of the sets you are running with, and the sheet will figure up how many pieces of that set you have and pull in values accordingly. Thats the most elegant solution I could come up with for sets. There are a few manual input areas (weapons, emblems, stat tomes, tactics buffs, other) because those aren't practical to have pre-made selections for. Again, this spreadsheet is designed to account for your entire build, with a final result that should match the stats on your in-game character sheet.

    Each type of gear has a tab. If you find that I did not include something you run with or would like to look at, all you have to do is put the values into a new line in the appropriate tab. Just do it as I did. Say, if you desire to add in data for level 85 non-crit crafted leggings, you select the Leggings tab and scroll down to an empty line. In put the name and values in the appropriate fields, and viola, you will find the name of your new leggings in the leggings selection box of the Calculations tabs.

    A major problem with this spreadsheet in the RoI era was that sometimes people would mess up formula cells, and I wouldn't catch it until much later if at all. Also I had someone modify the captain's base stats to reflect their stat tomes (not the place for that). No longer. Google Docs has introduced the Protected Range feature, so I have all the important formula cells on lockdown now. Input cells are still yours to control.

    Here's the links:
    Google Document for RoR
    Google Document for (old) RoI

    I hope you Captains find this useful.

    Most of my calculations were taken from this glorious post. Alad is boss.
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    Re: Captain Stats Spreadsheet

    Dude, Awesome!

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    Re: Captain Stats Spreadsheet

    Very nifty!

    Does the spreadsheet do any bounds-checking? (I.e., stat cap...) Even though, as you say, it'll be useless in September until you update it with the new formulas and gear, I'm curious in general about just how high our two primary stats can be stacked given current gearing.

    Or maybe I'll just play with it and find out. :P
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    Re: Captain Stats Spreadsheet


    Quote Originally Posted by furtim View Post
    Does the spreadsheet do any bounds-checking? (I.e., stat cap...)
    I may have added that in there for a couple stats, then forgot about it when I was working on other aspects. Guess I need a V 1.01
    EDIT: yeah, I had IF() functions not letting the main stats go past 650 but I totally overlooked the caps on things like crit chance, which are now in place. And apparently with mediafire I have to go pro to do loads of updates to files, so I'll be more sparing with updates I guess... or just make a new link in September.
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    Re: Captain Stats Spreadsheet

    I've updated this tool.
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    Re: Captain Stats Spreadsheet

    Nice this is great +rep



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