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    Lua BETA, for ever ?

    can someone from Turbine tell us for how long will Lua Scripting stay in BETA ?

    My hope is that ROI will be the good time to bring some improvements and a non-beta state.

    Players are doing a lot of work on it, it's your turn

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    Re: Lua BETA, for ever ?

    I wouldn't hold your breath if I was waiting for the changes.

    It could be a very, very, long time.
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    Re: Lua BETA, for ever ?

    Hey if it's good enough for Google
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    Re: Lua BETA, for ever ?

    I hate it when people give this answer.... but if they can't find time for housing or kin updates after 3 years... I really would rather Lua not be very high on the priority list

    oh, and the website is still beta as well...

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    Re: Lua BETA, for ever ?

    Turbine often starts features that they never finish. Or Turbine decides were not go to support - expand this feature any more.

    For example, the web based features were supposed to live launch in 2007 with the game. They are listed in the paper manual that came with the boxed Shadows of Angmar set. The feature was deleted prior to launch. Came back much later as what we see as the Beta web site. Turbine launched the fancy web based features. Messed with them some to deal with a few of the issues. We are done now. I doubt Turbine will ever finish the web functionality at this point.

    In order to come up with a feature that is doable, Turbine seems to accept that some edge cases can not be handled. For example, no store and forward for the lotto. It is a single push to deliver the prizes. The game server is down. The prizes are never delivered.
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    Re: Lua BETA, for ever ?

    Being "beta" isn't necessarily a problem... not updating things when new patches come along, not adding new features and breaking old ones... that's a problem.

    This could always be "under construction", but lately it just seems forgotten.
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