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    Nimrodel's PvP Channel

    Well now's as good a time as ever, in the wake of two rounds of 1v1s.

    In an effort to help keep glff clear, create a place to easily find PvPers, and an easy means of communication, myself and a couple others had the idea to create a user channel like some other servers have.

    /joinchannel NimrodelPvP

    Would appreciate it if the word would be spread, and.. I'd say try to keep it civil but I doubt that'll happen. Better there than glff though. It'll give new players in the moors a place to interact with the community fairly easily and make communication between the sides a bit more accessible than the forums are.

    More communication between players of opposite sides has the potential to increase mutual respect, and therefore improve our PvP, and get people to try the opposite side for a bit, to truly understand what it's like.

    It may not work. But it's worth a shot.

    Thanks for reading, hope to see you in there.

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    Re: Nimrodel's PvP Channel

    Dag, that is a great idea it would be cool to be able to comm with everyone. I will join the next time i log on See Ya out there, split

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    Re: Nimrodel's PvP Channel

    Hey I saw you by COP today! Great 1v1 ;P



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