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    Tips for new creep?

    Hello, started a new creep weaver, and was looking for some tips on getting started in the moors. Figured out what TA, STAB and TR mean, but that is about it.


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    Re: Tips for new creep?

    Run over to GV and stand there. Alone.

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    Re: Tips for new creep?

    Don't know what GV means, but I did the standing around bit for a while and I think Coldfellz killed me maybe 5 or 6 times before I moved to a different place where he could kill me.

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    Re: Tips for new creep?

    GV is Glan Vraig, Freeps place!

    There are very nice guides around about start pvmp, try give a search
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    Re: Tips for new creep?

    Work on maps first, Tol Ascarnen (TA) in the the keep in the middle of the map and when it is creep controlled you can pick up quests there to complete and turn in to work towards maps. Get the maps for Tol Ascarnen first since it is located around where most of the fights are, south TA bridge (STAB) and TA lawn. Then you can start maps for Tirith Rhaw, Lugazag, Lumber Camp and Isendeep last.

    Don't worry about Coldfailz, he's just building his e-peen by adding to the number of the r0's that he has killed in a row in 1v1's and trying very hard to convince himself that he is the best player on the server.

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    Re: Tips for new creep?

    Turn with your mouse.
    Then you'll be better than 50% of the players out there.

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    Re: Tips for new creep?

    A Newcomer's Guide

    LOTRO Monster Manual - Introduction

    Interactive ettenmoors map

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    Re: Tips for new creep?

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