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Thread: Fight for ore

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    Fight for ore

    Hi, everybody!

    I find myself sometimes near a ore deposit and having to kill the beast/monster near it to gain access to it. While i am clearing my way other player comes and instead of helping me fight the dark foe he starts to mine the ore. I find this situation very unpleasant and rude so I was thinking of a way to settle this. After helping me (or any player which is in the situation described above) I would like to spar and the winner will take the ore. What do u think of this?

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    Re: Fight for ore

    Spar for getting 1 - 3 ore pieces of ore? That is not very the Tolkien way of doing this.

    You simply can ask the guy after he gathered "your" ore and explain the situation. Maybe he will understand - most guys in LOTRO are this nice. Cause think about yourself - would you give it to him? If the answer is Yes you should send him a tell.

    Maybe he does not know that you want this ore anyway - maybe he thinks you just do a deed or quest - or you just want the hides of the animal you are fighting against and dont have any interest in the ore at all. Just because someone fights a mob near a deposit does not mean he is a prospector and wants the ore.

    I think he will understand all that. I would. And if he ignores your tell - well than you are a still a nice player - and he isnt.

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    Re : Fight for ore

    This can indeed be a pain in the ### when that happens.

    If it's obvious the player wants the ore and is e.g. interrupted by a monster attacking him I let him have the ore.
    When I see another player riding for ore that I want as well it's first come first serve.

    It all depends on the sense of courtesy the player you are facing has.
    There is not that much that can be done about it.
    Ore is common you'll find a new node soon anyway.
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    Re: Fight for ore

    you can start mining for 1 sec and after fight with your monstrer.we that you can bound the mine on you for 5 sec.
    if you fight a monster near to material the other player dont know if you go there for that.so isnt a ninja move if you think that.before 4,5 yes we see many ninja moves.for example.a player with a 35 tool start to mining and 1 other come with a tool 45 lvl and mining more faster and gain the material :P
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    Re: Fight for ore

    Quote Originally Posted by JanTATW View Post
    You simply can ask the guy after he gathered "your" ore and explain the situation. Maybe he will understand - most guys in LOTRO are this nice.

    Unfortunately, I'd suspect that someone that rushes to mine a node while someone else is fighting just inches away probably know exactly what they're doing.

    Like someone else posted, the easiest thing to do would probably just be to ignore the event and move along to another node. If you're feeling particular devilish, you could do what I've done on two occations: Wait until they engage in combat, then pull additional mobs to them. Sooner or later they will perform an aoe attack, and draw the mob off you, hopefully resulting in their death. Laugh as you casually stroll away.

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    Re: Fight for ore

    I never know if someone is fighting a mob for a quest and just happens to be near a node or they want the node and got caught by the mob, so i judge it by the distants they are away from the node, if they are a little disatant away i will wait and see if they wanted it and if they are right on top of the node i will just check their health and move on, if I get caught near a node i will drag the mob closer, just to show why i'm there. but thats just my play style

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    Re: Fight for ore

    Spar: I get the thought, but fact is the spar would probably take more time then both of you running of in different directions and finding new nodes.

    When I'm gathering mats, and see someone fighting near one I usually inspect them, and see what tools they have equipped. If it looks like they want the node, I move away or help them kill the thing.



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