Chaos is a strong raiding kinship with a history of high performance in the end-game content ever since Moria. We currently require a few more raiders to boost our raiding squad.

We are looking for applications primarily from minstrels and captains, but will also consider outstanding candidates who can play other classes. Having multiple classes (and being willing to play them) is a big advantage. Experience, or top quality gear isn't necessary, but a good attitude and a willingness to learn are highly prized.

Applicants can expect to be slotted into our raiding setup as soon as possible, and of course must be able to match our raiding schedule, which is primarily Tuesdays and Thursdays in Ost Dunhoth but often we do a weekend raid in BG or DN, or throw in another weekday in OD if demand is high. Generally the raiding times are from 7-10 GMT.

If you are interested, or wish for further information, then please make an application in our LOTRO recruitment thread on our forums or contact one of the following officers in-game: