Greetings fellow roleplayers of Laurelin!

The Laurelin Archives provides you, the players of Laurelin, with a unique portal where you can share your creative work, plan events and present your characters and kinships to the community with ease!

This is done on the site with minimal to no OOC options. No forums, comments or ratings are available, there are more than enough forums out there, including this official one, that works perfectly already.

This is not a community in itself, there are no members, leaders or entry requirements. Just a web team maintaining and moderating the site. We won't judge good RP from bad RP, as long as it's RP and it abides by the Roleplaying policy, it stays on the site.

We feel The Laurelin Archives speak for themselves and one visit should be enough for you to understand the workings of it all.


The website is in some ways represented in-game by old census books of the Kingdom of Arnor, recovered and protected by the Elves of Rivendell. The in-game kinship The Grey Repository ICly maintains the archives and is made up of the website team. More about this explanation can be read on the site!


To join the Archives, all you need is a valid email address. Once it has been verified by our team - Away you go! You can create your character profile, post stories, events, kinships and link them together with others using our simple [[double brackets]] freelinking system!

Last of all, the portals most important contributor is YOU! So follow the link and check it out for yourself!

We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Note: The site is based on The Argent Archives, an RP portal for a World of Warcraft EU Roleplay Server (Argent Dawn), which was extremely successful in boosting the amount of RP on the realm and bringing everyone closer together! This was done with permission from the webmaster of that site.

- Calenon
Laurelin Archives Webteam