I left LOTRO years ago mostly because of mounted combat and big battles, but I couldn't keep away and came back.

Like a fool I assumed that Turbine had done what they promised to do and the servers were in Amsterdam and New Jersey - so instead of returning to the EU servers I started over on the other side. Last week I finally learned that my assumption was ...imperfectly correct ..... and again started over on Laurelin. No big deal I have lots of time to play and getting from level 1 to level 105 takes 2-3 weeks including maxing out crafting.

My goals in a kinship are (1) active typed chat, not voice chat (2) higher than average maturity level, I'm one of the older players and not looking for most kin mates being younger than my daughter and (3) medium size - not huge but large enough that there are usually some people on.

I may not find a kin that is perfect but at least two out of three would be nice. I like some roleplaying but it isn't necessary in a new kin - other things are more important.

If anyone thinks they fit the bill reply below or by a private message. Thanks.