I'll be leading a raid into The Vile Maw to defeat the Watcher once and for all (sort of) this Saturday. I want to give those that have not done this raid a chance to complete it and work on my leading skills at the same time. All I ask is that you come prepared (read a walkthrough, trait appropriately, get some acid defence, be able to listen to voice, bring scrolls, pots, hope), be at least level 60 (level 65 preferred), show up on time, follow instructions and use your head. Pretty standard stuff for a raid.

Here's what I'm looking for, and of course, there's some room for changes. If you're interested, post below, send a message, or send a /tell in-game to Camphor, and make sure to include your character, level, class and desired role (from list below). If I haven't grouped with you before, find me in game, and we can run an instance or two.

Ranged tank (left): Camphor (Hunter)
Ranged tank (right):
Random DPS (or backup tank):
Random DPS (or backup ranged tank):
Random DPS (or backup healer):

The raid starts at 13:00 GMT this Saturday, June 11, so be online 30 minutes before then and we'll fill the remaining spots.

Here's a little extra reading of different strategies for The Vile Maw:

http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...30#post5205630 (for the Lore-master)