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    Charging towards you

    Landroval Tourists

    Since some of us show interest in rolling a creep on your server I would like to start a thread here where we can all share some information.

    Mafi has already shared some info I though would be nice to share here and maybe a few can expand on this information

    Maybe it will help you to list the most prevalent terms we use:

    Tir = Tirith Rhaw
    Tol = Tol Ascarnen
    HL = Grimwood Lumber Camp
    EL= Elven Camp
    OL = Orc Camp
    Westbrücke (wb) = west bridge
    Südbrücke (sb) = south bridge
    Gute Tol = good map to Tol Ascarnen
    Minder Tir = poor map to Tirith Rhaw
    Rattendorf = Hoarhallow
    Grobe xy = crude map to xy
    AP = outpost
    El-Kreuzung = EC-x
    Bärensenke = bearhollow

    Landroval Creeps

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    AW: Landroval Tourists

    Welcome on Belegaer

    have fun and a good time .

    All u need to know is the secret about the


    cuz orcs are immortal

    And yes plz end the F.E.D

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    AW: Landroval Tourists


    we will see us on both servers ;D

    Greets Knoppso
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    Re: AW: Landroval Tourists

    Quote Originally Posted by Knoppso View Post

    we will see us on both servers ;D

    Greets Knoppso
    See you there!

    Love & Hugs

    Fluffy Hithy
    Hithdraug - Former Suicidal Warg Squad

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    AW: Landroval Tourists

    Welcome on Belegaer,
    have a good time here

    Greets Angerion
    Weltrundruf: 'Wir werden dich nie vergessen Hoher Schlachtenmeister, Danke!
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    Re: Landroval Tourists

    A question was raised as to naming restrictions. As a long time RPer from Ultima Online, I would like to respect your rules for names on your server. What can you tell us that may aid us in naming our creeps?

    For instance, on Landy I am Pouncival a warg. Here, I named a warg Landypouncy so that others from our server could find me.

    It is not RP at all. Any advise?
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    AW: Landroval Tourists

    Normaly such names dont bother anyone. I mean, my reaver is named Ohmygosh and i had no Ticket by now (which will propably change AFTER this Post :P ).

    But, as allways in Lotro PVP, some Players will use Ticketpvp, especially on Stalkers with funny Names

    Just promise to behave like a good tourist and dont join the Wargraids
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    Re: Landroval Tourists

    Thank you Belegaer,

    I had a great time during my visit, it was a real interesting experience during our small event today. Hopefully in a future excursion we can muster more then 11 members at one time.

    I hope you all enjoyed our company and sorry " I " don't speak german.


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    AW: Landroval Tourists

    We have to thank you for this great evening! we had a lot of fun and you are allways welcome on Belegaer!


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    AW: Re: Landroval Tourists

    Quote Originally Posted by Aedon View Post
    I would like to respect your rules for names on your server. What can you tell us that may aid us in naming our creeps?
    Just name them something that sounds like Black Speech. Unless it's a Spider, then name her something evil-sounding in Sindarin (the name generator at http://www.elffetish.com/SindaFrame1.php might be helpful there). Though, you could break the latter rule since Tolkien himself did it too - "Shelob" is not a Sindarin name, for one.

    Thanks for respecting our RP server! *no sarcasm*

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    Re: Landroval Tourists

    Danke Belegaer für den Spaß kämpft! Besonderer Dank: Bhrax, Grogroth und Oybash!

    [center]Landy: [b]Alphanova 3.0[/b] - R10 RK [b][i]Hitman for Mother Nature[/i][/b]
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    Re: Landroval Tourists

    See you all on the battlefield
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    Re: Landroval Tourists

    greets to the Landroval Tourists, I think I have met some of you guys a few times

    I hope you enjoy your time.

    cheers and have fun!
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