Since some of us show interest in rolling a creep on your server I would like to start a thread here where we can all share some information.

Mafi has already shared some info I though would be nice to share here and maybe a few can expand on this information

Maybe it will help you to list the most prevalent terms we use:

Tir = Tirith Rhaw
Tol = Tol Ascarnen
HL = Grimwood Lumber Camp
EL= Elven Camp
OL = Orc Camp
Westbrücke (wb) = west bridge
Südbrücke (sb) = south bridge
Gute Tol = good map to Tol Ascarnen
Minder Tir = poor map to Tirith Rhaw
Rattendorf = Hoarhallow
Grobe xy = crude map to xy
AP = outpost
El-Kreuzung = EC-x
Bärensenke = bearhollow

Landroval Creeps