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    Charging towards you

    Landroval Tourists

    Since some of us show interest in rolling a creep on your server I would like to start a thread here where we can all share some information.

    Mafi has already shared some info I though would be nice to share here and maybe a few can expand on this information

    Maybe it will help you to list the most prevalent terms we use:

    Tir = Tirith Rhaw
    Tol = Tol Ascarnen
    HL = Grimwood Lumber Camp
    EL= Elven Camp
    OL = Orc Camp
    Westbrücke (wb) = west bridge
    Südbrücke (sb) = south bridge
    Gute Tol = good map to Tol Ascarnen
    Minder Tir = poor map to Tirith Rhaw
    Rattendorf = Hoarhallow
    Grobe xy = crude map to xy
    AP = outpost
    El-Kreuzung = EC-x
    Bärensenke = bearhollow

    Landroval Creeps

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    PvMp Monster players are supposed to be scary, powerful, and feared. Why do you complain if it was easy wouldn't you get bored?

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    AW: Landroval Tourists

    Welcome on Belegaer

    have fun and a good time .

    All u need to know is the secret about the


    cuz orcs are immortal

    And yes plz end the F.E.D

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    AW: Landroval Tourists


    we will see us on both servers ;D

    Greets Knoppso
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    Re: AW: Landroval Tourists

    Quote Originally Posted by Knoppso View Post

    we will see us on both servers ;D

    Greets Knoppso
    See you there!

    Love & Hugs

    Fluffy Hithy
    Hithdraug - Former Suicidal Warg Squad

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    AW: Landroval Tourists

    Welcome on Belegaer,
    have a good time here

    Greets Angerion
    Weltrundruf: 'Wir werden dich nie vergessen Hoher Schlachtenmeister, Danke!
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    Re: Landroval Tourists

    A question was raised as to naming restrictions. As a long time RPer from Ultima Online, I would like to respect your rules for names on your server. What can you tell us that may aid us in naming our creeps?

    For instance, on Landy I am Pouncival a warg. Here, I named a warg Landypouncy so that others from our server could find me.

    It is not RP at all. Any advise?
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