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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Riders of the Riddermark

    Men and Women of Rohan Kinship


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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    The Rohirrim
    Men and women of Rohan only

    A small kinship admitting only roleplaying men and women of Rohan. The kinship is currently not very active but we all eagerly await the release of Isengard (since june 2007). A perfect kin for your Rohan alt.

    For more info: The Rohirrim
    Son of Erkenbrand
    [b][color=green][url=http://glitteringhalls.blogspot.com/]The Rohirrim[/url][/color][/b]
    [url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/14840095@N05/sets/72157602366300251/]Images from The Fist of Isengard [/url] (5th muster of Rohan)

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    The Grey Guard is a mixed race light RP kinship with a slightly older playerbase.

    [url=http://thegreyguard.net]The Grey Guard[/url] - Laurelin
    Nodlos - Burglar, Lvl 65, Officer

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    I'll just keep on bumping this....we are not sure of the criteria Turbine use for stickying threads.

    As said, Turbine may expect kins to put details in the lorebook at which point this thread can quietly disappear, but I know that my kinship at least are a way from getting round to that at the moment.
    [URL="http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=164872&TabID=1396631"][COLOR=#00ff00]The Silent Minority[/COLOR][/URL]- Laurelin

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    The Band of Gypsies is a Very light RP Kin Travelling the world and seeing the sights and helping the needy. (Mixed Kin)




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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    good to see that this thread is still here and working. more kinships should add a post in here. the old list on CM was LONG and we could be proud of that.
    [url=https://sites.google.com/site/adventurersofarda/]Adventurers of Arda [/url]
    [url=http://melindiesnotes.wordpress.com]Melindy's Notes[/url]

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    The Silver Blades are now recruiting!

    Come and join our kin if friendship and loyalty are important to you!


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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Name: The Silent Minority

    Kinship Type: Open to all races (players aged 25 +)

    Website: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.asp...&TabID=1396631

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Can you please add my kin?

    Name: West Orosîr Trade Company.

    Kinship Type: Dwarven Roleplay Group that specialize in trade and caravan Roleplay.

    Kin site: www.westorosirtc.guildportal.com
    Drobur Graventongue, Caravan-Master of the Mîmshol Trading Company

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Name: Carne Hosse
    Web-site: carne-hosse.ru
    Roleplay: Light
    Kinship House: THH, Metortha, 5 Roaring Road

    First russian and one of the oldest european kinships

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Name: Cavalieri delle Ere
    Language: Italian only
    Race: Mixed
    Web-site: http://www.cavalieri.biz

    80 active members from level 1 to 65, end-game raids, roleplay events

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    The Iron Axes, an North Americain based Dwarf-centric medium RP Kinship. We accept mostly dwarves and some hobbits, but the occasional men are welcome.

    We seeks to practice organic RPing, that is to say that we let kinship RP story line develops naturally, with input from all members.

    We play mostly on north americain evening (6pm-2am EST), but all players from all time zone are welcome

    Website: The Iron Axes
    [b]Razo Mossyfoot[/b], Swine herder of Willowbottom, in The Marish of East-Farthing.
    Treasurer of Bacon, Ham and other Cured Goods of the [b][url=http://theironaxes.shivtr.com/]The Iron Axes[/url][/b] of the server Laurelin.

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Quick bump
    [URL="http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=164872&TabID=1396631"][COLOR=#00ff00]The Silent Minority[/COLOR][/URL]- Laurelin

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    (The) Hungry Bear Trading Company
    Mixed Race
    Contact Margana in-game for any questions.
    I'm the Rubik's Cube of the human Genome.


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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Bractwo Zmierzchu (Fellowship of Twilight)
    Language - Polish
    Mixed Race

    Best Regards

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    The Sentinels
    Laurelin server
    Mixed race


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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Bumpy bump
    [URL="http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=164872&TabID=1396631"][COLOR=#00ff00]The Silent Minority[/COLOR][/URL]- Laurelin

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Loth i Lonnath

    Elven race kin

    Kin Site: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.asp...&TabID=3218557

    LA Kin Page: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/3197

    Shameless Plug... err, I mean Recruitment Thread!: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...-RP-kinship%29


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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Mixed-Race Kinship

    www.mirrormere.org.uk (our official website)
    [SIZE=1][b][COLOR="#800080"]Sum[/COLOR][/b], 85 Hobbit Burglar, Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
    [COLOR="#008000"][B]Longleg[/B][/COLOR], Spider of Laurelin[/SIZE]

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Vanimar, elf-only kinship. More information in its own thread here:

    Kalluin - Elf Guardian - Arandur of [URL="http://vanimar.shivtr.com"]Vanimar[/URL] (Laurelin/Landroval)
    Miste - Elf Minstrel - Lady of the Harp at [URL="http://vanimar.shivtr.com"]Vanimar[/URL] (Laurelin) and [URL="http://s13.zetaboards.com/Andunie/index/"]Andúnië[/URL] (Laurelin/Landroval)
    Vestri - Dwarf Champion - Tyalie, the [URL="http://sociedadtolkien.org"]Spanish Tolkien Society[/URL]'s kinship (Laurelin)
    Tarquillan - Human Loremaster - [URL="http://foros.comunidadhispania.com/forumdisplay.php/102"]Hispanea[/URL] (Laurelin)

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Leaves Of Laurelin started out on Landroval as a roleplaying kinship. Once the EU servers added to the mix we moved to the Laurelin server as well. On this server we are a haven for our main group of roleplayers over on Landroval and roleplayers new to the server from the US. Most of our numbers are Elves but we have an occasional younger race who has joined us.

    Kinship website: Leaves Of Laurelin a medium roleplay kinship. On Landroval we put on the Walk to Rivendell event and several other events such as horse races and traveling story-tellers.

    We do not have a kinship house on Laurelin due to our wandering ways. To join, post on our website of your interest and mention you are on the Laurelin server. You will be contacted in game.

    If you are interested in the music system you will find most of our Elven roleplayers are members of Andúnië the Laurelin Elven Music Society. We attend HOF and Wilderness events.

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    Post Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Friends of Old

    A Rank 10 kinship, Friends of Old have been playing on Laurelin since the launch of LOTRO.

    We're a small community of players, focused mainly on helping each other out with quests and equipment and having a good social experience together. We have a kin hall, a kin forum (www.friendsofold.freeforums.org), and are planning more events in the near future. Members can expect the support of our crafters in equipping their characters for a life of adventure and exploration throughout Middle Earth.

    Friends of Old is primarily Elven in nature, but we are open to all races, levels and classes. We prefer roleplay in Say, but kin chat is OOC and we welcome roleplayers of all abilities, whether you're an expert or just looking to give RP a try.

    At the moment we're looking to boost our membership whilst keeping our kin small and maintaining a community spirit.

    If you'd like to know more, please contact Cironael (our leader), Deforrest, or Huff in-game and we'd be more than happy to chat!

    See you in Middle Earth.

    - Deforrest Ravenwood (Officer).

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    Re: Kinships on Laurelin v.3

    Serenity http://serenity.guildweb.info/

    Serenity is a rank 10 kinship, and we offer endgame and low level instances, and also some casual rp.
    We accept all races and classes at the moment, and also have our own creep-tribe for those of you feeling a bit darker.
    Feel free to contact us in game if you have any other questions
    Last edited by mawahib; Sep 13 2011 at 09:56 AM.

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    Carpe Diem

    Kinship Name: "Carpe Diem"
    Server: "[EN-RP] Laurelin"
    Kinship type: mixed

    Carpe Diem is a Finnish speaking Kinship. The Kinships forum adress is in the last line of this post. And like everything else, that forum is allso in Finnish, so you should start learning new language that takes you to the roots of elf-languages. :-)
    Carpe Diem is a mixed kinship and our Kinship house is lokated to the Shire homestead. It has to be the reason, because we are home twelling, easy going folk who likes good food and drink and are not so easily taken by adventures... well at least it used to be so... In good old times at least...


    Tervetuloa supisuomalaiseen Carpe Diem kiniin. Olemma joviaali ja lupsakka kini. Tästäpä syystä kiltatalossakin on pyöreät ovet ja akkunat.
    Kini on Laurelin serverillä ja kinin keskustelufoorumi löytyypi osoitteesta:
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